Man know thyself!

“Man know thyself,” is inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and is attributed to many ancient Greek sages. Knowing our true selves is an empowering goal toward enlightenment. Knowing and compassionately understanding myself is a personal journey.

If one follows in the belief that we are great spiritual beings having a physical experience, we will agree that self-remembering of our true being is imperative. Like an onion we can peel back the layers of karmic egoic attachments and energetic aberrations of the mind.  One could say we are alchemical computers. As our mechanical computers can be corrupted so can our minds. However we do not want to restore it to factory because we want to retain our memories of the transmutation of the aberration, the lesson learned.

In life others offer us the opportunity to be in a self-observant mode. We can observe the feelings and emotions that come to us in our reactions. When we are in focus and centered in our true being we can see what is not of our true self. We can meditate to discern the origin of the emotion, be it this lifetime or another. The “I AM” when used as a mantra in meditation is a very easy and a great tool for connecting with our true self-knowing.


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