Fresh Mint

FRESH MINT….how to Juice it and what is it good for? Here’s a tonic that we LOVE in the summertime and also after or before a good workout: (it also helps relieve water retention!)

My Favorite Mint Juice:

2 cups Fresh Mint
8 ribs Celery
1 large unwaxed Cucumber
1 Large Green Lime
1 Apple, red, green or yellow

What’s so great about Mint? Relaxes the intestines, helps with calming the nervous system, and helps eliminate indigestion, gas, and parasites. It combats bad breath as well. FRESH MINT is a fantastic herb, please use it daily if you can throughout Spring and Summer. It combines beautiful with all greens, apples and limes and lemons. AND IT’S SUPER ALKALINE!

(See Disclaimer)



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