I spent over ten years studying the Gnostic teachings of Master Samael Aun Weor. Although I call no person, deity or god, Master or Lord, I have learned much about being a self-sovereign being in his teachings.  My personal beliefs are invested in part but not entirely in these teachings. I have much love and gratitude to my teachers, Jose and Florence at The Gnostic Center, Los Angeles. They gave classes and kept their center open on donations only, never pressuring for money, and always teaching by example. They attempted to show their students the gift of giving. I say attempt because at the time I couldn’t get it. They also taught through their actions to give that which you wish for. As I share with you I continue to learn.

I  have also studied and love Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabbalah and much, much more. Samael also studied the esotericism of the world’s religions. I even love some of the whacky New Age cults.  I believe we best achieve a knowing of the ALL-Oness from our personal connection with Source, via our True Being; the I AM, (which I AM planning to write about.)  In synchronicity, just today I received a new follower to my blog, from a fellow blogger, and she had just posted this topic on her blog.

She has a really good take on this. Thank you again Mona!

Every thought I have, and every time I go to write about a topic or thought, through research I see it has already been done. This only furthers the I AM and the concept of ONESS. A collective consciousness that we are all tapping into simultaneously, if we are tuned into the same frequency. So I only offer my experience and perceptions of the topics I share.

Self-Observation is so empowering, to take full and complete responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions.  Fortunately I found a PDF for Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology, by Samael Aun Weor, which is linked below.  Here is an excerpt from the treatise:

 We have to understand this psychology if we really want transformation. Those who accept the existence of their own psychology, obviously, begin to self-observe themselves. When somebody self-observes himself, it is a signal that he is trying to achieve a self-transformation. We need a self- transformation.

Gurdjieff and Ouspensky also have great books on these subjects such as: The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution and The Fourth Way.  I have posted a link below on their works. Here is an excerpt of The Forth Way:

The study of man is closely connected with the idea of the evolution of man, but the evolution of man must be understood in a slightly different way from the ordinary. Ordinarily the word evolution applied either to man or to anything else presupposes a kind of mechanical evolution; I mean that certain things, by certain known or unknown laws, transform into other things, and these other things transform into still others, and so on. But from the point of view of this system there is no such evolution at all—I do not speak in general, but specifically of man. The evolution of man, if it occurs, can only be the result of knowledge and effort; as long as man knows only what he can know in the ordinary way, there is no evolution for him and there never was any evolution for him.

 Serious study begins in this system with the study of psychology, that is to say with the study of oneself, because psychology cannot be studied,

Amazingly there are PDF available on these works also.

In my creation of this blog and my exploration of other bloggers here at World Press, I have gained many new and fresh innovations, inspirations and creative concepts and ideas. I still have not figured out the widgets and gidets and what- nots to have a blog roll, an About page and so on…. But when I do I will list the many of you I love!

I also really love the message shared by Bella Capozzi at her blog: The Angel Diaries.

There is something so authentically love in these communicated messages, for me anyway. So thank you Bella for sharing.


Samael Aun Weor

PDF Revolutionary Phycology


PDF Gurdjeiff and Ouspensky Link:


Self-Observation is usually coupled with Self-Remembering, which is the I AM which I will cover in another post.


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