Avocado hands down is one of my favorite foods. I just love them. Love, love, love….do the happy dance. Avocados are also nutritious. They’re high in healthy fats, potassium, and vitamins B, E, and K. And if you use whole wheat bread for the toast, it’s a great way to provide whole grains.

This is Avocado on toast. Put it on some toasted Sesame Ezekiel Bread, add some greens; watercress, cilantro, spinach, a nice tomato or salsa. Just make to your taste. Such a nice summer food. Yummy! I miss Southern California for this reason. Avocado’s were plentiful and affordable.

6 thoughts on “Avocado

  1. Lovely picture of the avocado ! I love avocado’s too, but over here when you buy them you have to wait about a week before they are ripe enough to eat.
    Avocado’s are also good for your skin, use the inside of the peel to rub over your face, then massage your face for about a minute and whipe it off with some tissue and your skin will be soft.

    have a nice Sunday !

  2. Thanks for the skin tips. I couldn’t keep from eating it first.

  3. Oh yes, I share the avocado-love… mmmmm!!
    Try this: toasted bread, avocado spread on, topped with sliced hard-boiled egg, tomato, ground pepper and any other herb (mint? basil?) your hungry heart desires. Absolutely delish…

    Thnx for dropping by my blog and liking it too 🙂

  4. LifeOfBun says:

    Ahh your blog is right up my alley! 🙂 I love me some healthy food tips! And avocado is so versatile and good! >_<

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