I believe the human body is a vehicle that my Being inhabits.

The human body as a vehicle does not last forever.

The point I am getting to is… I believe in reincarnation and I believe in Atlantis.

I also believe I lived there.

I have had numerous visions of being there. Can I prove this? No.

Does just because I believe it make it true? No.

The post “Galactic Visions” that I posted were images but I did not share the message.

For some reason, I suppose the fear of being thought of as a weirdo or a whacko, or being judged, I did not share it.

My like-minded friends know all these things but not the general public. The message I received that day, was cool.

These sort of things happen with me but not often, when they do, they are an exception to the norm.

So I was in some pain (nothing serious) but painful, so I focused on self-healing. almost instantly I felt a dimensional overlay.

It was aqua blue and silver and very all-encompassing. There was a lady, and a king or a knight. They did not identify themselves as individuals but told me the realm was the Galactic Core. The realm was not far far away but was just a frequency shift away. I was told not to eat mammals, (which I do) and it wasn’t a mandate, more of a suggestion.

They did say there was a connection to Atlantis. I felt and it looked the same as other visions that I have had of Atlantis.

I am listening now to a Coast to Coast AM show with Greg Little who is talking about Edgar Cayce and Atlantis, which is so very fascinating.

Why do so many of us find ourselves so captivated by the alluring story of Atlantis? My thoughts and theory is because we lived there and it was beautiful and for awhile utopian like a Garden of Eden. Just a thought. I also was told in the message that a being could have had multiple incarnations in the Atlantian times. (Considering) According to Cayce the civilization existed for tens of thousands of years. I could say more but I have said enough. Now let us see if I have the courage to post this?

Here is the link to the C2C show on YouTube.


16 thoughts on “Atlantis

  1. I love what I have read of Edgar Cayce. The akashic record stuff I was talking about in one of my posts had come, in my life, originally from his influence I think. Definitely a cool person with cool visions. I think its great that you are sharing what you feel to be true. At one point, saying the earth was round was a crazy thing to do. People need to stand up for our little awesome ways of being us. It’s what makes life colorful. Thanks for being part of that 🙂

  2. Ah Jennifer, I must look up your post on the Akashic Records. It has been difficult you me to come out of my secretive self. I decided when I started blogging to be more forthcoming. So I may lose some of my foodies, I may not but I said what the heck. Thank you for your support and your comment. It is so helpful to get feedback.

  3. Roxy says:

    Your blog is absolutely beautiful!! Your writing is so captivating and also beautiful. I’m glad I’ve found your blog! x

  4. gabbylight22 says:

    I get it. ❤

  5. loving this whole atalantean/theosophists record of knowledge information. thanks for sharing.

  6. My pleasure odie mama. The Theosophist portion was a little wordy and I wasn’t so sure my readers would like it? But that was my lead into the Elementals of Nature. Thank you for telling me that you enjoyed it. It makes me feel the time spent was worth it.

  7. I always wanted to live in Atlantis …

  8. aquacompass7 says:

    From Japan, thank you for visiting my blog. Your pictures and music are beautiful.

  9. angelicview says:

    Yes! And it sounds to me like you have more to share – just a little shy on sharing it! I thank you for adding to the worldwide awakening. There is an article on my 2nd blog about someone who remembers their existence in Atlantis. The blog is called “Universal Angelic View” and this is the article:

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