Day Dreamer Award

Thank you,wannabearchietect

Thank you so much to for nominating me.  I do not know the name of this lovely young woman, here at wordpress she is known as wannabearchitect, a word I always have a hard time spelling. We have only recently met yet; this creative and talented young woman has chosen to nominate me for the Day Dreamer Award. In elementary school the teachers gave me high marks in day dreaming, so now I have achieved their expectations. (Cat that ate the canary grin) Thank you again, I am flattered and honored by the sweet things you said, and the nomination.


1)      Upon receipt of this award, you are to take mental vacation for five minutes. (Gaze off into space, look out of  the window, have yourself a wonderful day dream..)

2)      When you have returned from your day dream, you are required to take another one tomorrow.

3)      Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

4)      Award this to three (3) people. You can only pass on this award to three (3) people only.





9 thoughts on “Day Dreamer Award

  1. A big day at Blog Land. 70 Post, 140 Follower’s and my first award. I feel all aglow inside. Hehehe

  2. yogaleigh says:

    Thanks so much!

  3. The Enfant Terrible says:

    Thank you, gorgeous! You have been with me from the start of this WordPress journey… You are a treasure!

  4. […] When you have returned from your day dream, you are required to take another one […]

  5. […] me: Make Believe Boutique (Sunshine Award), Peace With My Life (One Lovely Blog Award), and Blue Butterflies and Me (Day Dreamer Award). I feel so honored every time someone names me for one of these awards. […]

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