Oh haunted moon

Your mournful light stirs

the torment of my soul

The bleakness of your death

insights my ancient fears

The depths of my primordial being

has knowing of your demise

Acquainted with silver

only reflecting the gold of the sun

Only a reminder

of what you’ve done

Power still you do possess

moving the mighty waters

and swelling of my breast

Oh Luna of woman

are you known

Moving man to madness

distantly alone

Oh haunted moon

Sindy Simms


9 thoughts on “Luna

  1. The Enfant Terrible says:

    This poem is EDIBLE! I love it, so beautiful..

  2. Coming from you I am SO flattered. It was written many moons ago, Pun intended. LOL

  3. love love love this blue! great pic. great poem.
    ps. revisit the shanzen story you posted in the comments section of “the question”. its your turn!

  4. Lisa at fLVE says:

    beautiful poem and very soothing music. thanks for sharing…

  5. Karen Wan says:

    Love the poem and Claire De Lune, beautiful!

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