THE QUESTION: a chainletter story

THE QUESTION: a chainletter story.



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5 thoughts on “THE QUESTION: a chainletter story

  1. hello again! loving this music!
    i made a shortcut on my blog (on the right side where my widgets are) so that we can more easily add on to the chain letter story. phew…i love my previous work, but i was definitly getting tired of scrolling thru all my old posts to get to the comments section of THE QUESTION.
    im also going to add a link on my blog for the background information blog that you started. yay!
    wish me luck! im always a few clicks from created tech disasters. no computer engineering back ground here and i know it….but ill try not to press any wrong buttons.
    -spirits hugs

    • lol you and me both. I think it is all backed up pretty good. I tried to add a widget linking to the story but it didn’t work. I tried reblogging but it didnt work. I need to stop blogging on go prep for a History test I have to do in the next 7 hours. Four chapters I haven’t read on the Industrial revolution (boring) lol

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