Over The Rainbow

Near Death Experiences

   A golden city with towers and domes:

Just a little ways off I could see a bridge with someone standing on it. Beyond the bridge, I saw a golden city with towers like European castles. The whole city seemed to be shining with light that shot up into the sky like a giant searchlight. I could see that some of the domes of the city were red, others were gold, and a few were blue. The gates and walls of the city seemed to be made of bright blue, red, and violet lights. (Randy Gehling)

   A city of crystal cathedrals:

Like wingless birds, we swept into a city of cathedrals. These cathedrals were made entirely of a crystalline substance that glowed with a light that shone powerfully from within. I was awestruck. This place had a power that seemed to pulsate through the air. I knew that I was in a place of learning. I wasn’t there to witness my life or to see what value it had had, I was there to be instructed. (Dannion Brinkley)

   A beautiful unearthly city:

Jesus took Emanuel back to heaven and showed him a beautiful city. Emanuel said this was a very beautiful city with houses he has never seen anywhere in the world. There was a lake there and he was told he could not go across it. (Emanuel Tuwagirairmana)

   A beautiful fairy tale city:

I remember the scene was shown to me in a fairy tale city and setting – somewhat like I had always wished for in my life while alive. It was so beautiful. (Sherry Gideon)

   A city that represents a world:

As I found myself at the top of the hill, I saw that over on the horizon and just a little bit lower on the horizon, there was a city. I realized in some way that this was more than just a city, that what I was seeing actually represented a world. I wondered, “Was that the world I just came from or the one I am going to? (Jayne Smith)

   A multi-colored crystal city:

In the distance I saw a sight so magnificent and astounding – a city made up of what seemed to be glass or crystal! The lights were of many colors that radiated from it. Never have I ever seen such a sight! I began walking toward the city in a daze of unbelief!So many questions raced through my mind. I had to know where I was. What was happening to me?I reached the front of the city and saw a double door that looked to be about thirty feet or so in height and width! (Ricky Randolph)

   Souls are seen being prepared for the city of light:

Those living on the higher realms of the city radiate the brightest light, being so resplendent that their glory must be cloaked so others of lower degree can look upon them. Visiting the higher levels is possible, but the spirits of lower realms must be prepared or covered so they can stand in the presence of greater glory … Some new arrivals are taken to a place of orientation where they rest, adjust to their new condition, and prepare to take their place in the city of light. (Craig Lundahl)

This is from Kevin Williams’ research conclusions

The above information is copied and pasted from this website

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4 thoughts on “Over The Rainbow

  1. eyes Of Odysseus says:

    NDEs are not just the “brain damaged” visions the med/science world dismiss them as. thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. wow..you blog is so lovely…the music and the color! and the content;)) Lots of inspiration:)


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