For some reason I have the great beyond on my mind. I didn’t realize it to I posted Hollywood Forever Cemetery on my other blog, that in conjunction with my last post here on Near Death Experiences.  Having lost a couple of dear, dear friends in the last couple of years and being the metaphysical type that I AM, I wonder,” where do we go?”

I was raised as a Christian but lets just say I have broadened my parameters. So is it Heaven or is it Heavenly?

There is a channeled message called “Messages from Mathew” a young man that died young speaks from his mother. (I am not saying I believe all channeled messages but I read them,) anyway he says, and I paraphrase from memory, that there is a soft fluffy pink place that is like a Soul Hospital and many if traumatized at death, go there first for healing.

When my best friend died, and he was a very spiritual person that loved nature. Brazil and the Amazon jungle was one of his favorite places. I wondered where are you? I tried to sense him, I wanted to dream of him. However it seemed to be nowhere in my range of sensing. Then a year later another friend died, she was my crazy, fun Russian gal pal, we drank and smoked and laughed and laughed together. She had a great accent and everything she said made me laugh. I would make the most obscure joke that nobody would get and she would laugh. I digress, De De I will call her had suffered in her life, to me or many it was not obvious but she had just never felt loved, she had really bad insomnia and could go a week without sleep, as a result she would severely abuse her prescribed medication. She always said that she would not live long but I didn’t believe her. Some thought her death might have been a suicide but I had spoken with her and I do not think so. Her heart just stopped because of her abuse of the medication. So I felt De De certainly went to the pink after world hospital for a spell.

I have studied this subject in so many different belief systems and still none of us have a concrete answer. A topic that I will continue to ponder.


Mathew’s Messages

Peace & Peanut Butter (my other blog)

Much love, considering my post yesterday, I am thinking I could be a little depressed. I am menopausal and need my chaste tree extract. lol


5 thoughts on “Transition

  1. sinithwar says:

    Reblogged this on Magistrate Gatekeepers and commented:
    Truely beautiful

  2. artyelf says:

    I like this idea, of a soft fluffy pink place, it comforts me. Thanks ♡

  3. William says:

    “…is it Heaven or is it Heavenly?”

    I would say that both apply equally depending on individual perspective but this is definitely a great question to begin a philosophical discussion.

    “I have studied this subject in so many different belief systems and still none of us have a concrete answer. A topic that I will continue to ponder.”

    It is unlikely that we will arrive at a universal solution that will balance the need for empirical evidence with the demands of faith, at least within our lifetime, particularly given the rather large chasm between the fundamentalist religious groups and the humanist leaning scientific community. That said, the promotion of constructive dialog coupled with true respect for other’s beliefs is certainly a worthy endeavor.

    • William thank you for your thoughtful comment. Just re-reading this post has made me cry. I miss my friends so much it really hurts. Sometimes I want to join them but like I said in the post, I don’t know where they are?

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