Elementals I Have Known

I have had some light hearted fun talking about fairies. I certainly do believe they exist but most likely it requires a sort of phase shift to see them. A child has no veils or hardened paradigms to restrict their perception. I believe fairies are in our collective consciousness as we have a deep subconscious memory of worlds where they exist. Some may believe that stories like, The Lord of the Rings, Eragon, The Wizard of Oz and many Fairy Tales are merely works of fiction. I do not. I believe these stories resonate with us in a knowing way, and when we visit these worlds through the stories they are easily manifested visions on our inner screens.

In my spiritual studies, which has run the gamut, I have studied nature elementals as well as worked with them.  If you do not know the names of the elementals of the Four Elements, I will tell you. Earth: The Gnomes & the Pygmies, Fire: The Salamanders, Water: The Undines and the Nereids and Air: Sylphs and Sylphides. I was going to write more but when looking for images I found a fantastic blog post, which is where I got the above picture. The blog is in Spanish so use your google translator, unless you read Spanish. I will link it below. Really though it is fantastic.

Instead I am going to share my first hand experience with them. My experiences have been random and varied and usually in a somewhat altered state or in a conscious connection with nature. I have met them in meditations which as well; however I am going to share  some other incidences. One of the things I do is trust.

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.”
Albert Einstein

I used to house sit for my best friend (the one who passed away) his house in West Hollywood had a huge Fairy Tree in Front and he loved plants and many animals, so there was a vegetable garden, and fig trees, every manor of plants and flowers. Not to mention the butterflies, dragon flies, squirrels, and birds. In the spring and summer I would water the garden. The water from the hose as it arched made rainbows and the plants would talk to me, inspire me, encourage me and thank me. One day a very psychic friend of mine was visiting  me there and we were walking around outside. There was a gigantic schefflera, it looked new it was so green and clean, we both were standing in front of it, I reached out to touch it as did she, we both stopped simultaneously, she said “that plant just told me not to touch it.” I had heard the same thing. lol

Some years earlier, I was visiting the awesome Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park near Big Sur in California, (I will link it below) This place you can feel nature, the great Red Wood Trees and waterfalls, river streams, it is just Wow! I love rocks and tend to pick them up, I picked this shiny wet rock from the stream and I heard, in my mind, “Put me back.” I stopped looked at the rock and said “OK” and put it back. Did a rock speak to me? I think so. I would have rather been in that stream than in a Los Angeles apartment.

I will save the others for later. If you get a chance and you are away from the city, the meteors are out.

Elemental Blog: AWESOME


JPB State Park



4 thoughts on “Elementals I Have Known

  1. Beautiful pictures; inspiring! ~ judy

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