Does the myths and stories of mermaids have anything to do with the water elementals,  the Undines and the Nereids?  Again I feel they exist, do they exist here and now in the oceans of the Earth? If so I do believe it would be in another time or dimension. I think sometimes windows or portals open between worlds, allowing us to see one another. An overlay or bleed through from these alternate times or places. If time is anything more than illusion it is not linear.


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11 thoughts on “Mermaids

  1. Make sure you find the documentary – Mermaids: the body found from 2011. Very interesting.

  2. Thanks maybe I will catch it someday?

  3. forgingshadows says:

    This is beautiful! Is it your art? It would be interesting to find all the different mermaid myths from different cultures and compare them, particularly with some of the other sea myths.

  4. Lost Creek Publishing says:

    Wow! As soon as the music started playing I felt a sense of peace wash over me.

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