The Blue Butterfly

While I am on the subject of elementals and symbolism, I thought to explain the blog name bluebutterfiesandme.

In many talks with my dear friend, I kept seeing images and visions of blue butterflies. I started collecting images of blue butterflies, and I thought they were to mean something to her. However she said that she thought they regarded me.

About this time, for reasons uncertain to me, my friend stops talking to me. Which is what my pity party friendship post was about to a large degree. Anyway I digress, this is when I started blogging. My intention was just to see if I could make a blog and I had no idea that others would see it, and read it. I was just playing and experimenting. So when I had to pick a name blue butterflies was on my mind. Of course that was taken, so I added the and me part.

I wanted to talk about what I have spent my life studying which were things of a spiritual nature.

Viola there you have it. Blue Butterflies and it was vision driven.

Oh my friend posted this picture on my facebook.


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6 thoughts on “The Blue Butterfly

  1. I was wondering about the name (I actually wonder about a lot of blog names but, you are the first I have found to explain). Thank you! Now…I know you didn’t ask but, here is my 2 cents (and it’s prob. not even worth that much). usually when a friend stops talking to you, it has nothing to do with you. Maybe your friend is so envolved in whatever yucky thing is happening in their world that the person is not thinking how their absence feels for you. you know? I would just keep being the beautiful soul you are and not think twice about it…AND you have all of us here!!!! yay!!!! p.s. I will go back and read your blog about your friend, right now. (((hugs))).

  2. Oh lol yeah…. It is what it is, you know. Now I get to talk with all my friends here. Her loss.

  3. Valentina says:

    Awesome picture. I so agree with 1girl4adamwest, but I can also add that you will lose that friend is she not a real friend.

  4. Thanks Valentina. I am just going to work on myself and if she comes around, we will see.

  5. eyes Of Odysseus says:

    great pic. and a great name for you.

  6. Thanks odie mama. I loved your post tonight.

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