Sylphs and Sylphides

Form your own conclusions.



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7 thoughts on “Sylphs and Sylphides

  1. gabbylight22 says:

    It is ironic I woke up in a rush, the time here is now 1:33AM I got myself something to eat, something to drink and I came across your page. That top picture is pretty much a dead ringer to what I visualized before I fell asleep.

  2. Things are happening like that lately with us folk. I have been observing shooting stars for the last three nights. Just some really interesting stuff, like you and the picture.

  3. gabbylight22 says:

    ❤ love to you.

  4. Accepting your love and sending love back. ❤

  5. Valentina says:

    Peaceful, beautiful photos, Sindy. I feel so enchanted when I come to your blog site.

    • Valentina, that is SO nice. Well I like to cut and paste ever since childhood, that and film school, I like to create a mood. Don’t think I am all fluffy though. lol This is just my fluffy side. Congrats on your award. I would sure like to see some more of your design work.
      Much love, stay cool. Is it hot in Italy because most of America has really high temps?

      • Valentina says:

        Thank you darling. it’s good to have a fluffy side. Keep it up. Yes, in Italy is scorching hot 105 F. at 7:00 am. Ciao,

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