Wind No Wind

How do you feel about wind? Does it excite you? Do you find it exhilarating? Does it frighten you?

In The Teaching of Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda writes on one of his peyote journey’s, and I paraphrase because I am just writing from memory, that Don Juan told him to hide from the wind, for him not to let the wind find him.

In my Qigong studies we were taught that the wind is the mother of a hundred diseases. (Again from memory and I cannot confirm from research but here is a good article on Feng (wind) in Chinese Medicine.)

On the positive side, wind is a good source of clean energy. Sailors certainly need the wind, if using a sail.

Fisherman of old, needed it to get home but that same wind could destroy them if angry.

An old saying “Full of hot air.” Yet a hot air balloon wouldn’t get off the ground without it.

So how do you feel about wind?


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4 thoughts on “Wind No Wind

  1. diannegray says:

    This is wonderful! I LOVE the music 🙂

  2. mars says:

    Lovely! Who took these photos (and how can I see more?) Thank you!

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