I thought this lovely post worked well here. Enjoy and be sure to visit Innerworld Ashram of Awakening.


I am still here with you all.

Peace & Peanut butter!



As we move into the last phases of the upgrade for the Human Soul we enter the ‘Womb-hole”  as I call it.  We are not skipping or running now, We Fly!  Not the typical wormhole but the bright and beautiful  birth canal for the New Humanity, the Luminous Being.  A flying Species~ A entirely new engineering from which we have no conscious understanding.

WE, The Light Body Self that is communicating through our Inner God Connection when we enter the higher frequencies.   So many messages we  have received, so much time we have been given.  So many ego trips and journeys we have been on since the beginning.

Now is the time of Soul’s Reckoning ready or not.  As I enter into this magic Womb hole I recognize I am flying through another dimensional space- time warp- I “know” this calling, this soaring.  This beckoning.  This reaching out from MY…

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