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Sindy's Saturday Satsang

In a meditation to connect and bring in my Higher Self I had a vision and or communication (take it for what it’s worth.) I saw a bright white light, and I am thinking where’s the blue, I always connect with a blue energy…..I saw a woman in a white Grecian gown and a white unicorn (ok stop that laughing) yes a unicorn, they were standing on a mountain in front of an open doorway. I heard “Yes unicorns do exist in Olympus and that they are as special as told in all our myths and stories, representing pure love.” I ask, “So your the gods of Olympus, why are you dressed like classic Greece?” I heard, where do you think they got there style of dress and architecture from? Those that were in contact with us were influential to the style and culture.” the communicated that they were Tenth Dimensional beings and that they had…

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