Through The Doorway

Will a door open for us into another dimension, space and time?


Will there be multiple doorways providing us choices?


11 thoughts on “Through The Doorway

  1. Even a single doorway, offers us a choice, of entry or exit. And that makes a single choice, the hardest of all.

  2. doors are there. you have to find and open them. also have to be careful. these doorways, once open, are hard to close. some lead to ______ places. choose wisely.

  3. there is no single pathway to enlightenment.

  4. Beautiful images 🙂 I’ve always believed that present day choices make a huge difference in future events… I know it sounds obvious, but we rarely think about the consequences of our actions or how events move to shape our future.

    • Oh it was you that posted on Deja Vu? I can’t recall with certainty but I said that I do not believe time is linear. I believe our future already exist. Our choices have already been made. That sounds like I do not believe in free will and I think things are predetermined, which I don’t, maybe it is that all possible futures exist? I really don’t know but I have met my future self in 33AD. lol

      • I don’t think it was me who mentioned deja vu… but I do believe in reincarnation and I do believe that lives are not linear… I believe you can be reincarnated in the past. Of course, the question then becomes, how does that “future” life, which happened in the past, influence the life you’re living now? Is anything changed? Can we learn about that future life, and it’s potential pitfalls, by analysing the past?

      • OH NO! It;s a Paradox wrapped in a conundrum. LOL Have you ever looked into mirror wrapped around you with that infinity effect? It’s bizarre. In Qigong we would go back and clear and heal all back into our ancestry. In Ho’ Oponopno they work with clearing the ancestors as do the Buddhist…so there might be something to it? 😉

  5. abichica says:

    OMG!! those pictures are thought provoking and beautiful.. and i believe there will be multiple doors for us offering us different choices.. 🙂

  6. I am so glad that you enjoyed them as I did. So many dimensions, must be so many doorways. 🙂

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