Perseid Meteor Shower


The Perseid Meteor Shower is tonight into Sunday morning. 60-100+ meteors per hour will be likely in dark sky locations.

Some clouds in the middle of the US and the East Coat, not looking so good for me in Louisiana but I caught one at 5:30 this morning. I once went to a Buddhist Retreat in the mountains above Palm Springs to see them and it was amazing. Thousands, blue, red, white it was like fireworks. Good viewing all.


8 thoughts on “Perseid Meteor Shower

  1. love this pic blue! hope you enjoy your retreat. keep us posted.

  2. Lol… I saw one last night I am going to go out in a bit and look.

  3. I wish I could see the Perseids this year. I have fond memories of lying out under the stars and looking out for them…

  4. I was out earlier and didn’t see anything. I am going to go out again. They are fantastic.

  5. Well I saw a couple but I guess it is to close to city lights.

  6. I am going to be in Austin for the next couple of days, and yet I don’t think I will make it out into the desert to get a good view. I’ll probably regret that later. In a few days I’ll be flying to the east coast and maybe I can do a night hike or something. I really want to see the shower from a great location!

  7. I believe the height of them was August 11 & 12. Think about planning a camping trip next year. They are like fireworks if you get out of the city.

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