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Sabrina Watanabe

A very loud clap of thunder woke Sabrina from a deep sleep, instinctually she grabbed her gun under her pillow. It took her a few minutes to get her bearings, she saw moonlight spilling through the windows, the draping on the ornate bed, she breathed a sigh of relief she was at Stone Ridge the castle she had inherited from her uncle the Earl. Sabrina sat up in bed her mind foggy trying to recall why she was here and what day it was. She looked around the room for clues. Her clothing was neatly laid on the champagne damask chair, a black turtleneck cashmere sweater, a black skirt and boots. Where had she been? How did she get here? Her last memories had been at the Antoine Brenage’s birthday party in Paris.

Carefully she slide her feet off the bed, she kept her gun in her hand. She really…

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