Call The Wind

“Sister” Wei Lin softly says, “tell me about the purification of the wind, we are high up is that all there is to it?” Shanzen looks as the sun hides behind the mountain, “No we will go into meditation and in the early morning hours we will call the wind and stand on the very edge of this ledge. When a strong wind blows a shaolin monk will wonder who has called the wind and what was its purpose?  One can either be a friend or an enemy of the wind. We will show the wind we are strong, we show the wind that we trust it and make of it a friend.” No perceivable fear showed on Wei Lin’s face, she maintained the most serene countenance, Shanzen had not seen her show any fear beyond that of the mist in the pool. Shanzen knew that she had a great respect for the wind and a little fear.

“Let us sleep awhile we are both tired and will need to be alert for our final test.” They pulled the bamboo mats over near the fire and facing one another fell fast asleep. On the edge of a steep precipice they stood, a deep purple mist surrounded them and back to back the watched alertly in warrior mode for the danger behind the ferocious sound. The wind pulsated and roared pushing at them and pulling threatening to blow them off the mountaintop. As the wind ripped the monstrous claws came out from the wind and struck, badly wounding Shanzen she fell, Wei Lin screams…the sisters bolted upright simultaneously from the shared dream. The sky was a deep purple and the wind was present.

“To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders” Wei Lin says to her sister. “The family that raised me studied the philosopher Chuang Tzu. Let us go deep into meditation and clear our, minds and dissolve any fears or doubts. Let us recall the Goddess Quan Yin and her words tonight when we meet the wind…and let us make it our friend.” Wei Lin stood up and reached her hand out to Shanzen.

Shanzen prepared the cave, she lite the lantern and some candles as Wei Lin pulled the mats inside. They added some wood to the fire and Wei Lin offered a gift of incense to the wind dropping it into the fire.

The both sat and went into a deep meditation, rested but troubled. Shanzen focused on her breath and cleared her mind. When she came out of meditation the fire had burned down to embers indicating some time had passed, Wei Lin was still deep in meditation and Shanzen sat quietly looking at her own serenity in the flesh. Wei Lin had mentioned a family that raised her, she wanted to know everything about Wei Lin’s life. Shanzen was mesmerized by her sisters’ face, her face, the face of their mother, of the Goddess. Wei Lin opened her eyes, “Sister let’s call the wind.”

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9 thoughts on “Call The Wind

  1. Reblogged this on Sindy's Saturday Satsang and commented:

    Story excerpt

  2. love this blue. so, many interesting developments. my mind is aswirl like the stars in the sky picture in this post. not sure where to go next but i Will think of something soon. we have definitely taken this story to three next level! i love imaging the scenes you’ve written and setting them as a movie in my mind. the creativity is astounding !!!!

  3. sammiwitch says:

    Hi, I have nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award! Visit my blog for details
    Brightest Blessings 🙂

  4. Thank you my favorite witch. I am most honored by your recognition.

  5. I’m working blue i’m working! Its complicated now but I’ll slog through. So many possibilities for the twins 😉

    • odie mama as I mentioned in some post, I am working on the Greek historical story, I do not think it a coincidence that you and I write together and you have a degree on the subject.

      In saying that, I think it is a project made for us as co-creators. It has a frame of historical references. The building of the Parthenon, Socrates, Pericles rule and so on. I see a rough outline and scenes like in a movie.

      I think I would like to approach the collaboration of this differently on this project, (although it works perfectly fine on the other one.) What do you think? I can see this story has so many possibilities. Any thoughts or ideas on a possible collaboration?

  6. I know how you feel. It got tough writing my last part. take your time no rush because i don’t know when I will find the time to write, I spent all weekend reading history and now I have to spend days reading Psychology.

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