As we all know Reading is Fundamental.

I have been reading so much for school, not the same as being consumed by a good novel. So I just thought I would take a moment, have a cup of coffee and update anyone who is interested on my first week at school this fall. Tuesday was my first day and my first class is 9:30 A.M. a descent time. The class is a Stage Directing course that I have taken before in years gone by. The professor is a jolly fellow and well educated he has a doctorate degree, I think I will learn from him. So I took the class because I want to direct another one act play. I am excited.

After that class I had three hours until my next class. I had to go to Financial Aid to get my book vouchers, so I could spend $400. on books. Yea! Then to brave the book store. I was actually lucky on both counts with the lines. 🙂

Then to the library to print the many syllabi of the curriculum for my four classes. This rather new junior college has a nice campus aside from the fact there is no place to eat or get coffee. So books in hand, I eat my packed lunch sandwich and visit a past teacher. It is 1:30 now so I go to the computer building as my next class is Web Design (Dreamweaver) I look in the classroom and there are no computers. What? Come to find out, I was in the wrong building (not the first time this has happened,) so I have to huff it to another building, I haven’t mentioned that my shoes were rubbing blisters on my pinky toes, having been in flip flops since last winter. Not much to say about this class yet, I like the professor he is a cool guy and kind of cute. I feel a little inadequate in this class, as several people seem to know computers better than I, and I have to ask a lot of questions.

Oh and in the quad of the school that day they has a band, a zip line and they were selling hamburgers. It was a very festive first day. Two days later I had to read three long chapters, a quiz for each, and take an exam in Psychology. Now I have to read three chapters and take an Exam in History today. I have a Tutorial Project for Web Design class and I have to right a paper on Wagner (the composer) for the directing class.

So, this is my post, off to reading History, At least it is on Sumeria, The Bronze Age, and Greece. Ta ta for now.

Much love,


11 thoughts on “Reading

  1. Oooooh please do keep updating us, if you can! This sounds interesting and enriching. It has been so long since my college years. YAY you!!!!!

  2. Oh well age wise I am not college age,.lol
    One more chapter today ancient Greece. 🙂

  3. Congrats blue!!! im so proud of you for returning to school. Its alot of hard work but well worth it. And very excited about your Web class and directing class…exactly the two things i’m interested in!!! Also, i’m working on the question, nit sure when it will be up but firefly school will keep you busy til I get my act together!!!! Best of luck with everything,
    Love Odie,mama. And Odies proud of you too 😉

  4. Valentina says:

    You are starting well, good luck with your classes.

    • Hey Valentina. Two weeks gone by now. The heavy reading Psychology class is over this week and the History class has another week. Then I will be able to enjoy the 2 more creative classes.

      My Theater Directing teacher is so intelligent, I found that he has 6 degrees, the man knows everything in his field literally. I really like him.
      Have a lovely day. Kisses.

      • Valentina says:

        It should be a pleasure receiving teaching from someone with six degrees. You will enjoy him and his class. Happy Sunday to you too and return a big kiss.

  5. It is Valentina. thank you dear friend.

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