Blue Dot

Hey fellow Earthlings! I hope everyone is going to have a nice weekend. I wishing you all peace and contentment, joy and happiness. I titled it Blue Dot after  the Voyager 1, picture, and the Carl Sagan book.

There have been occasions that I have bitched about Earth and wanting to be from somewhere else but that is not cool. Earth is beautiful, a real jewel of a rock in the cosmos. The duality and victim/victimizer game we are reborn into is a different story, but to finish school, we have to pass our courses to graduate.

I just wish we could could live in peace and harmony, with respect for nature and the planet. Blessings of love and light all!




15 thoughts on “Blue Dot

  1. Sagan’s voice was very calming when I was a kid; now, I associate space and infinite stars with relaxation.

  2. hi blue.. love this pic too! happy weekend.

  3. Thank ya..odie mama! Goodnight!

  4. Kira says:

    I was wondering, did you want me to share your comment or keep it private? The one for “And Another Thing”, I didn’t know how else to ask…

    • Hmm…I didn’t really think about it. lol Was I too reveling? Either way. I decided when I started blogging to be more open and stop hiding my beliefs, so post it or don’t, it was for you.

      • Kira says:

        I’ll post it, though without comment from me, let people come to their own conclusions.
        For myself, I don’t know if I believe in reincarnation, though I think it is as possible as anything might be. No one knows what comes after this life, so I believe we should live it as the best people we can be.

  5. Agreed we do not know but it just explains so many unanswered questions.

  6. Valentina says:

    Often I wonder how the world would be if we lived in peace and harmony. What would the news be about?

  7. O would like to hear this on the News, “Our top story tonight, world hunger has been eliminated. In other news, all nuclear power plants have been closed worldwide.” Or something like that.

  8. What a touching and pertinent post.
    We hear of and are surrounded by many unfortunate occurrences. But when I know there are people like you in this world/earth, that is when I know humans like you will make the difference and prevail in making this earth a beautiful ‘blue dot’. This world is beautiful because you are in it. I believe world peace is inevitable. I just hope it will happen in our time. Fae.

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