Sunday Morning Java

It Sunday morning somewhere, at least it is here. lol I thought I would take a moment while having my coffee (which is very good) to update my friends here in the Word Press blogasphere. Two weeks of school and well underway, I will be finishing up my online Psychology class this week, and my online History class next week. Thank Goodness! So much reading, tension has let up a bit but menopause has not. Yuck, being a crone sucks. I desperately need my herbs Chaste tree extract, and just my luck the only health food store in town was closed yesterday due to power outage. Really?

Fall is in the air, last night it was actually a bit chilly outside, so exciting. I have been considering buying a scooter to commute to school. Scooters are great on gas and inexpensive. I can either buy a clunker of a car that would need repairs and drink gas or buy a brand new scooter that gets 80 miles per gallon? My only concerns are safety and weather. So that is about it. I had to select a play and I am not so sure I like the one I chose. We shall see. Much love blogger buddies.

Happy Fall Sunday!


12 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Java

  1. hi blue. hang in there! which play are you working on?

  2. Valentina says:

    Which play did you choose?

    I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Enjoy it:

  3. Valentina says:

    I meant, my friends are all artists (typing too fast).

  4. Sindy, Happy Fall to you too! I love Fall. Congratulations on yet another award. You are loved, and I do know/see why. 🙂 You are a ‘fine’ buddy! When did you say you were coming to No California? Fae.

  5. Asha Seth says:

    Dear bluebutterfliesandme,

    Awarding a Super-Sweet Blogging award to your super-sweet blog.
    Pick it up from here:
    Share your thoughts. Share happiness. 🙂
    -Asha Seth

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