A Calm

So does everyone have wind in their sails? It has been a pretty odd day for me, very odd vibes and energies. I have had the desire to alter my perceptions but not with much success. Some channeled information is saying that this is a crucial day for having a loving and positive attitude, so I am all the more stressed that I cannot conjure up the appropriate mood.

They have said, and I summarize from various sources, that we all planet wide have to make a decision,  a choice of yes, of love and of liberation. They suggested that we all, planet wide find a few quite moments tomorrow October 21, 2012 to meditate, and visualize a pillar of electric blue light from the central sun through us into the center of the Earth. Next it was suggested to visualize your part in a liberated Earth. To see how you will participate. I am posting this as it feels important to share it.

I am sending love to all of you. I wouldn’t be opposed to receiving some either. (smiles warmly)

Much love everyone, Together we can manifest a loving planet, with peace and harmony but the time is now.


8 thoughts on “A Calm

  1. Valentina says:

    Why tomorrow Oct. 21st? Why this date is so specific? Just curious.

  2. I don’t really know? It may not be anything at all.

  3. It is my departed best friends birthday.

  4. lots of love to you too !

  5. Genie says:

    Much love to you as well. 🙂

  6. Mega love being sent your way !!!

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