Soul Tsunami



Always prior to my birthday, I go into a psychological shadow, a closet of emotional skeletons and baggage. It is frightening and simultaneously comforting. This is usually the time of year I write depressing, dark and self indulgent poetry. (Laughs) Luckily I am too busy writing a play analysis for my teacher and working  designing my web site for my final in Dreamweaver. It is good to be busy. Lovely day, even though I do not watch the news, I just heard the US east coast is expecting a hurricane, tsunami whatever…I send my blessings.

11 thoughts on “Soul Tsunami

  1. happy birthday blue!! what do the signs say is in store for you this year?

  2. and i love love love this pic 😉

  3. Express yourself and Jeep Von keep in on 😉

  4. Valentina says:

    Happy Birthday, you are gaining power with every year.

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