Happy Omen

Just the other day I see these dots on my window screen, I am upstairs so I wonder. To my delight it was a ladybug swarm. They were mostly on the outside but a few got in. I instantly thought, “Oh what a happy omen,” much as I do when I have a butterfly come and visit, see a falling star, or find a balloon.

Here are some symbolic meanings for lady bugs:

Perhaps best known as an emblem of luck.  When a Ladybug lands on you, it is said your wish will come true.

Asian traditions hold to the belief that if caught and then released, the Ladybug will faithfully fly to your true love and whisper your name in his/her ear. Upon hearing the Ladybug’s message your true love will hurry his/her way to your side.

In Ireland, the Ladybug is said to be a symbol of protection.

Ancient farmers of the land have considered the Ladybug a good omen as she controls aphid populations.

As a love symbol, this insect totem has been the subject of many wive’s tales in which the number of spots on a Ladybug’s back is said to indicate the number of months to pass before the wish for love comes true.


This is Post # 200 Wow!


11 thoughts on “Happy Omen

  1. shreejacob says:

    I’m terrified of insects except the ladybug…! Reading it’s significance and the believes attached to it…I’m glad! LOL

  2. They are still here. There are 3 on my night table.

  3. It has been almost a month and I still have a couple of lady bugs in my room. I feel so blessed.

  4. I saw three ladybugs today. It is total serendipity to then read your post not even an hour later.

    • Those ladybugs were with me about a month and a half.
      I felt so blessed every time I saw them, on my lamp next to my bed, on my mirror….I wonder what they ate?

      • They are cute until they fly down at you while you are sleeping… LOL. I have seen them randomly throughout the year in my house since I moved in, I never realized they were good luck though. Good question on their food. Maybe they only need microscopic things to eat?

  5. Yes lol for the most part they stayed off of me and the bed.

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