Angel Now In Light Body


Ravi Shankar, often referred to by the title Pandit, is an Indian musician and composer who plays the plucked string instrument sitar. He has been described as the most known contemporary Indian musician. 

I was moved to joyful tears at reading the news from the Facebook Page of George Harrison, of the passing 12 11 2012 of Ravi Shankar. His music via his sitar has enriched my life on such a transcendental spiritual level. I commented on my Facebook that “I was sure he was greeted by George and John.”

I find his passing at this time as auspicious. He left his 3D body to enter his Light Body to see and assist at the Earth’s great transition. Much love to Ravi and his family. I do not have a sad heart, but a happy one.

Here is a nice long raga.

Love this one too.


As he was went he met his Light family.

Ravi Shankar

4/7/1920 ~ 12/11/2012


8 thoughts on “Angel Now In Light Body

  1. He’ll be so missed. I think it is long past time for me to break out some of my favorite albums of his for a spin.


  2. janeadamsart says:

    Beautiful raga (the first one, link) – so filled with light and joy – made me dance and sing this evening, while washing up after some rather noisy visitors and settling down again to this gentle sense of alignment. Thank you!

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