Glorious New Year


So much life has been lived, experienced and processed lately, that I have not taken the time to post. For me the December 12-21 2012 days were very significant. Thanks to my pre-immersion in Abundance meditations, I was good to go. I had moments of absolute bliss over the holidays. You focus on ananda, you receive ananda, or so it seems. Almost all my family was under one roof, my Mom and brother watching football in the hearth room, apple spice cake was baking in the oven, my sister is reading a book in a comfy chair…I just soaked it up. I was also able to drive around all the place from my past and my childhood with my sister and clear and process all my past. We visited our elementary school and took a picture, we drove through where my parents are from and where my grand parents lived…..It was “This is Your Life,” for the Simms Sisters, lol

I really want to go into this second new year, as 12/21 was also a new beginning, but go into this calendar new year with purity of spirit, with purity of intention. I want to be and express huge gratitude for the power of creation and existence.

I choose to learn and process with consciousness instantaneously. Be Positive, Be Powerful, Be in Full Glory of Being, I AM That I AM!



Happy New Year 2013

Peace & Love


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6 thoughts on “Glorious New Year

  1. Karen Wan says:

    Happy New Year Sindy! I like your focus on purity of spirit and intention. Peace and love to you. Karen

  2. petit4chocolatier says:

    Happy New Year Sindy!!!

  3. Dawn Gray Giani says:

    Funny, that you said purity. I’ve been feeling a need to purify myself as well. A purification of my body, mind and soul. To clean up the temple so to speak. Nice to know that even though we are miles apart we are still in sync spiritually. Love you Sindy Sue Simms. xoxo

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