Chakra Universe


The seven primary chakras are the ones that most of us are familiar with. They are:

7th ~ Sahasrara ~ Crown

6th ~ Ajna ~ Pineal Gland

5th ~ Vishudha ~ Throat

4th ~ Anahata ~ Heart

3rd ~  Manipura ~ Solar Plexus

2nd ~ Svadhisthana ~ Naval

1rst ~ Muladhara ~ Opposite the Crown (between your bits)

I believe that we are connected to chakras above and below, and way out into the universe, and beyond, probably connected to the primary chakra in the source of creation.

Read more about these 7  Chakras here.

Addendum: While researching this post, I discovered 5 out of 7 chakras of mine are out of whack….guess there was a good reason to make these post. I really should begin a disciplined Qigong practice again. ❤

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Thank you Karen Kubicko

6 thoughts on “Chakra Universe

  1. You can check yours easily with a pendulum.

  2. shreejacob says:

    I’ve discovered another 7 more chakras (reading a book) and yes there are a lot more of them..but the 7 you mentioned are the”main” ones 🙂 Lovely picture too! Am posting a “chakra series” as well…not all at one go though…with my interpretation of them 😀

    • It was interesting that while I was posting discovered mine were not in great shape, lol First opinion I questioned so I checked a second and got the same answers. Looks like I have some cleaning to do. 🙂

      • shreejacob says:

        This person I know told me that we are constantly in the need to balance a tight rope walker…because of the external and also internal influences…so we can never be balanced…but always in the state of balancing!

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