Shanti (Pali: Santi) simply means “peace”. It’s a beautiful meaning and also a very beautiful sound. The shanti is repeated three times, as are many chants in Buddhism. In Buddhism as well as in Hinduism the threefold Shanti is generally interpreted as meaning the Threefold Peace in body, speech, and mind (i.e. peace in the entirety of one’s being).

Hindu teachings typically end with the words Om shanti shanti shanti as an invocation of peace, and the mantra is also used to conclude some Buddhist devotional ceremonies.


Source (A great online meditation center)

Here the chant

10 thoughts on “Shanti

  1. lisalday111711 says:

    Thank you for enlightening me on so many of the things Ihave heard but felt uncomfortable in asking

    • It is my great pleasure Lisa. I love asking questions. Growing up they said I ask too many questions, but that didn’t stop me.
      You are always welcome to ask me questions. There is no greater joy than being able to share ones knowledge or insights.

  2. Rob says:

    I am so glad I came across your site via Karen Kubico’s blog! I loved this entry and enjoyed the chant. Beautifully rendered blog as well.

  3. Adrea says:

    Oh you just reminded me of a particular song/chant that I love and I really want to hear it now…maybe I can find it on youtube, it would be wonderful to listen to at work to destress! 🙂

  4. petit4chocolatier says:

    I love this and the colours!

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