Bring It Up


The next step in Cameron’s system after the Cosmic Flush, is called Energy Refund, in Qigong it was called Soul Retrieval, in another system, Shadow Dancers, and so on. The point is that if oneself is working toward Conscious Awareness, growth, and healing, this is something we have to do. Clean the Closet, so too speak, bring up all those old fears, pains and resentments, heal them, and transmute them.  Then reclaim your energy.  Bring it up to conscious awareness one at a time, rinse and repeat.

I have avoided this process, like the plague, in all the above mentioned systems. I know. I do, I know. lol So now I commit to myself to get to work, and heal, reclaim and reintegrate my energy. I believe in Qigong it is called soul fragmentation, as memory serves me.

So no matter what your technique for doing this is…lets get to getting. Shall we? Together we can send love and support through the process.

Energy Refund Self – Clearing System


For me the below article applies to this step as well and I found it very helpful and informative.

Here is an excerpt from Cameron Day’s article:

Embracing Pain as a Tool for Self – Transformation

We transmute pain, suffering and fear back into a neutral state of energy by allowing a painful experience and the associated emotions to come fully into our awareness without judging it, resisting it or trying to bury it.  When the full light of our conscious awareness is focused on a limiting emotional-memory complex while we are in a state of total acceptance, the energy we have put into the pain and the resistance to the pain transmutes back to a state of pure energy that we can reintegrate into our consciousness.

I have work to do.

Peace & Love,


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