The Cosmic Flush


This step in Cameron Day’s Clearing Technique is just brilliant, and simple. He calls it the Cosmic Flush. You can read it, or hear it Here.

It reminds me of Qigong and “Lift Chi Up, Pull Chi Down, but this is faster, I still recommend the Qigong as well. In Qigong I would use the analogy of thinking of your energetic matrices as pipes, and the energy as water. When your pipes are clogged, you flush them. It reinvigorates and energizes your every atom.

With Full Self Sovereignty ~I AM~

The Cosmic Flush

Self-Clearing System level 1, Step 2

Ascension Help Blog

4 thoughts on “The Cosmic Flush

  1. This guys methods are very similar to my own! Very cool… 🙂

  2. petit4chocolatier says:


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