Buddhic Blast


Happy Friday friends~ I am inspired by pictures and this one has taken me to the Buddhic plane.

Below is an excerpt from a document page on angelfire.com on the Buddhic Plane and it appears it source is Theosophy, Blavatsky and Leadbeater. It is a very long document but worth the read.

The Buddhic Plane is the Plane of Unity

*•.¸¸ ( ( ( ❤ ) ) ) ¸¸.•*

One whose consciousness works on the buddhic plane during meditation finds that although he is one with all the wonderful consciousness of the plane, yet there is a little circle of emptiness shutting him out from the rest. This little barrier is, of course, the causal body. In order that the buddhic vehicle shall be developed, even that must disappear. Then the man feels the reality of unobstructed Life in a way impossible to describe down here. Madame Blavatsky expressed the idea as a circle with its center everywhere and its circumference nowhere—a very beautiful and expressive description. Of course it is a paradox, but all things that can be said about these higher conditions must necessarily be paradoxical.

When the unity is fully realized the man feels, however paradoxical it may sound, as though his vehicle at that / level filled the whole of the plane, as though he could transfer his point of consciousness to any place within that plane and still be the center of the circle. It is an experience which is quite indescribable.

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2 thoughts on “Buddhic Blast

  1. shreejacob says:

    Even with that excerpt and me reading with after a long day…it sounds blissfully wonderfully awesome and peaceful. I hope one day that we all can reach that plane as a race 🙂

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