Jupiter Direct

Purple Sharing Heart

I wanted to share this message from my dear friend Polona Somrak. She is a real Earth Angel.

I love the collective wave I am seeing among the spiritual beings online, Facebook, here at Word Press….It is very exciting that we are unifying in that collective of love. We are truly blessed~


Hey there, everyone!

With this post, I AM encouraging everyone to share on the current energies! I will start! Today (30th of January), Jupiter went direct again, after a few months of being retrograde. With that, all other planets are also going direct for a period of 19 days and it’s time to intensely focus on our intent for the New, as our manifesting abilities are amplified now. This is a strong shift and all who are emphatic  are feeling this intensely. These new openings usually come along with some Ascension symptoms (body’s resistance to the New). Sometimes it gets so intense, that one cannot do anything else but rest and take it easy. I know that at time it seems like all we do is purge and cleanse, but we are stronger than our bodies … which are shifting in a great deal, so let us remember this every time we are releasing something!

We hope that You are having a fantastic Jupiter (and all the planets) going direct day … don’t forget to feel your best possible life and the highest path of Divine Love!

Within Divine Love, Polona

Polona Somrak Facebook

Ascensionpioneers (Videos)

New Paradigm Astrology

7 thoughts on “Jupiter Direct

  1. amandaleighf says:

    I love Polona. Very wise and beauty-full soul. Thanks for sharing.

  2. shreejacob says:

    This sounds interesting!

  3. Hey Shree ❤ From what I have read, all planets going Direct makes for quick manifesting. ƸӜƷ

    I love this.
    People are so clever. I just copy & paste.

  5. petit4chocolatier says:

    Thank you! Loving the energy 🙂

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