What a journey! I have arrived on the new leg of my life, and oh boy. I wanted to embark on the lonesome journey before Mercury went retrograde at the end of the month, so I did. When is the right time to make such a journey? The moving truck was loaded, and my car was on a tow behind it, I headed off to Dallas three hours away on Sunday, I was frightened as I had never driven a 10 foot truck while towing a car. I just keep trying to remember to breath and relax, knowing that a lot of people worldwide had me in their thoughts and prayers really helped to give me courage.  A factor I had considered but had not expected was weather.

I experienced 25 to 30 mph winds in Texas and the following day 50 mph in New Mexico. The wind was tossing me hither and thither as I drove down the highway at 65 mph. I had to stay the night in New Mexico even though I was mere 6 hours from my destination Phoenix, Arizona. It is so beautiful open and largely unpopulated, visions of the old west and American Indians in this awesome place.

The journey was frightening but I did it, and I did it alone. It took courage beyond what I thought I possessed. The drive although scary because of the wind, was lovely. I like it here so far. I am glad I made the decision and I know that new exciting experiences await me.

Thank you everyone for keeping me in your thoughts. I will resume a more consisting posting as soon as I get a bit settled.

Much love and peace to all,

º ` `.¸.´

21 thoughts on “Journey

  1. Hello ! I am glad to hear you made it safely ! I didn’t know you were going to drive a truck with your car in tow !!! I wouldn’t have had that courage ! I hope you are going to be very very happy there ! Give my love to all the cacti over there !

  2. what an adventure! 🙂

  3. sammiwitch says:

    I have been thinking about you all week. I am so glad to hear that everything was ok and that you arrived safely. Wishing you all the best of luck and brightest blessings for this new adventure. 🙂

  4. nutsfortreasure says:

    Change is GOOD
    PUSHING yourself makes you stronger
    Getting there safely made you HAPPY
    MY life on the road in an 80′ rig was one of always living on the edge of beauty and sheer adrenalin but I never felt DEAD 🙂

    Enjoy your new space out there we love it in Nov, Dec and Jan. 🙂

  5. Glad you made it there safely. Here’s to new adventures!

  6. BIG LOVE to you ALL~
    What a great community of Blessed Beings here at Word Press~
    (¯`✿´¯) (¯`✿´¯)
    *`•.¸(¯`✿´¯)¸.•´ * *Ḻ✿ṽ℮
    *✿*.` •.¸.•´*✿*• .¸¸.`•´¯✿

  7. We are NEVER Alone! ♥ So happy to read your post this morning! Blessings! I will be watching for your updates!

    • Thank you so much. I feel very blessed with the light beings, like yourself around me. There is a cleanness of energy here, that I quite like.
      (¯`✿´¯) (¯`✿´¯)
      *`•.¸(¯`✿´¯)¸.•´ * *Ḻ✿ṽ℮
      *✿*.` •.¸.•´*✿*• .¸¸.`•´¯✿

  8. I am so glad you are safe. I am also glad that you were empowered by taking on this pilgrimage by yourself. But it helps to know others are with you in spirit. Can’t wait to see pics of Arizona.
    in light, Linda

    • See it was empowering and comforting to know people cared about me. Thank you Linda~
      (¯`✿´¯) (¯`✿´¯)
      *`•.¸(¯`✿´¯)¸.•´ * *Ḻ✿ṽ℮
      *✿*.` •.¸.•´*✿*• .¸¸.`•´¯✿

  9. petit4chocolatier says:

    Sometimes we have to go through a storm to get to the calm. Sounds like you just did that. Wonderful! I am glad you made it there safely and you are very happy! Love the post and picture {{Hugs}}

  10. Thanks Judy~ That is how I see it too~ Through the storm to the calm.
    ☆ ♥
    *`•.¸(¯`•♥•´¯)¸.•♥ ☆ ♥•
    ☆ º ` `•.¸.•☆ ´

  11. shreejacob says:

    So glad you got to your destination safely! All the very best in your new journey!! 🙂 Oh..and welcome back!

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