Some Kiss We Want


There is some kiss we want with

our whole lives, the touch of

spirit on the body. Seawater

begs the pearl to break its shell.

And the lily, how passionately

it needs some wild darling! At

night, I open the window and ask

the moon to come and press its

face against mine. Breathe into

me. Close the language- door and

open the love window. The moon

won’t use the door, only the window.

From Soul of Rumi

by Coleman Barks


The Source, 1862

Gustave Courbet

9 thoughts on “Some Kiss We Want

  1. the rum drinking pirate twins says:

    well my my blue!

  2. Karen Wan says:

    Beautiful! I love Rumi!

  3. Hey dear, your posts have taken an unexpected turn lol!

  4. shreejacob says:

    Dang! And there I was worried that my ahem….naughty mind (that I call gutter mind..just for fun)…was acting up. So our Rumi was also a poet to the lovers of the world eh?

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