Young Again


I have been thinking about age lately~ About age ain’t nothing but a number. Some lovely ladies near my age (55) do not want anyone to know their age, that is their business, but I am proud of my age, and I am young! I look young, I act young and I feel young. Another thing is buying into 3D linear matrix paradigms, I don’t. Now, it is the love I have received that has helped me to shift from that programmed line of thought. Anti-Aging is a switch in thinking.  Aging is not natural~

Live strong and Be Forever Young~


.¸¸*¨`*..¸ƸӜƷ ✫❀



Paul Gaugin


Courtesy of Linda


21 thoughts on “Young Again

  1. I was inspired to share this here, it seems right;

  2. sorry about that blue, I attempted to embed the video and it didn’t work. feel free to delete if so lead to do so.

    peace, linda

    • I deleted 2 cause we don’t need three but the link works, so its cool. People can just follow the link to YouTube, it opens a new page. Its all good.

      • glad you took care of it, other people have embedded videos on the comment sections of other bloggers, don’t know why it didn’t work! I just thought lovesong when I read your groovy post 🙂

  3. I have been having issues embedding videos in all my blogs for a while. I edited the post to add the link and credited you friend and linked your blog. Thanks for caring and sharing.

  4. like your blog says, youre “free to be me”. your clear headed approach to life will see you happy in all of its stages. 🙂
    namaste… (i borrowed that from linda lite)

  5. Yes~ It says “Free to Be”

  6. Looove your post! And that you are not buying into linear time 🙂
    This is how you are able to live and age differently…

  7. I’m always amused when others are surprised and concerned with my age more than I am. 😉


  8. After 22 years of being single, I started dating at 55. You are right, I felt young! 😀

    • ….and don ‘t you still feel young?

    • You do feel very much young… 🙂

      • Why thank you, or were you referring to Fae?

      • “And when he walked into the heavenly realms , there were angels glowing of fire red and Opal blue and the pureness of white. and the one with that sparkle like silver (that shines near the ocean on a glorious day) approached him from the right, and the one that was moving like the sea calm waves (sweeping and soothing and hugging) approached gently from the left… “thank you lord for being here, in this moment, with this beauty” he said as he kissed the fury clouds that were now his ground. and, in a majestic yet calming voice he heard a laughter and a question coming from his side, (so it seems as the sounds echoed all over his heart) “Why thank you, or were you referring to Fae?” :)”

  9. shreejacob says:

    I’m always feeling young! Well in my mind…I do have to be honest and say I hear and feel the creaks and squeaks in my body once in a

    • We all feel those as the years progress. I guess it is that our being is timeless and when we connect we encourage our cells to be young, or something like that. If you look to the left to post I like and see that lovely smiling woman? Follow it to her post on Quantum Jumping, she is a physicist and a spiritualist. Very cool. Also her name is Cindy Sue, like me. How wild is that?

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