release Katherine Ace

It took this artist to inspire me to blog. I have so much to say that it is just too much. lol

Thanks to my good friend Linda, I have been listening to some great talks at the Hay House World Summit. Monday was Ester Hicks, Tuesday- Doreen Virtue and today Dr. Wayne Dyer. There are 6 or 7 speakers per day, only up for free for a 24 hour period, ending June, 10th. Go and register and enjoy. Again thanks to lindalitebeing. My dear friend.


Sindy Simms

Painting by:

Katherine Ace


10 thoughts on “Release

  1. I appreciate the props dear!! 🙂


  2. alohaleya says:

    i’ve also been listening to the hay house summit. did you hear the talk by meggan watterson on the divine feminine? this paining reminds me of it because of the red…meggan facilitates women’s circles called ‘red ladies’. i’m going to go listen to day 6 now! 🙂

  3. Love the colours of the painting!

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