Attachment to Ideas

graces~ Katherine Ace

Still totally inspired by my new modern time favorite artist Katherine Ace in this piece titled, Graces.

Musical Accompaniment

This week I have faced emotional challenges from old paradigms, in conjunction to this oncoming Full Moon.  (Correction on my astrology by my friend Linda, who has seen my chart)  For years I thought my moon was in Scorpio but it is not, it is in Aquarius, making me a double Aquarius, my Aquarius ascendant, my moon is on my ascendant, according to Linda, of Litebeing Chronicles, this makes me lunar or Cancerian.  (I hope I got it right this time.) In this new Quantum Synchronicity that seems to happen more and more I read a great post by Monika at Symbolreader , titled, Where Do You Go After You’ve Been to the Moon. Great post!

Then too my good fortune another good friend blogger Shree, at The Heartsong Blog wrote two awesome post that reminded me to check my perceptions. One titled, Making Choices, and the other, Karma it seems disagrees with you.

Both of these post reminded me that I had been indulging in old paradigm thinking and ideas. Even after all that couple of weeks of hearing the great speakers on The Hay House World Summit, I had slipped right back into old thinking, allowing attachments to ideas and concepts, attachments to positive emotions, like a junky wanting my next fix. Yeah harsh but true. We are always chasing that emotional high. As I commented on Shree’s post, I recall something Baba Muktananda said, I paraphrased there and I will paraphrase here, “The pendulum swings both ways, happiness on one extreme and sadness on the other, but the goal is to stay neutral in the center, neither attached to happy or sad.” I recall when I heard this thinking, “But I want to be happy. What’s wrong with being happy?” When I heard it, I really stopped and thought about it, pinning it as a sticky note in my mind. I am glad I did because today I retrieve that sticky note and say, “Ah, I get it now,” all these years later. I have been so sad and stressed in fear of loosing this concept, this idea of happiness. How ludicrous a notion. I mean really it is so clear now. My attachment has caused suffering and certainly has not been being in the moment. “Be Here Now,” Ram Daas. I see exactly what Baba Muktananda meant.

So once again, I want to express my deepest gratitude and joy to my sister bloggers here at Word Press, who so often in a synchronization, express exactly what I need at the moment. I say sister because it has primarily been from my sisters, not excluding love of my Word Press brothers, I love yall too.

. (¯*•๑۩۞۩:iN₣iNiŦ€ BL€§§iNG§:۩۞۩๑•*¯●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●

39 thoughts on “Attachment to Ideas

  1. thanks for the props, lunar goddess!

    • Thanks for the correction, Goddess Divine.
      __/ ‘\__☆.• R℮ÅCℍ ℉Ớґ Ṱℏ℮ SṰ✫Åя$ •.☆
      `’*☆*´ *☆* Δᾔℊ℮ḽ *☆*
      /.•*•.\¸ ☆ Δᾔ Ḏ ☆ Ð R℮Δ Ḿ ☆


  2. cool, and thanks for the Shree links 🙂

  3. This moon is making me so cranky~ Help~ lol

  4. Attachment to anything is going to cause trouble!! But then you need to share and love without attachment!! It is a very tricky thing, but if we crack it then it is the wonderful thing. Hope you have heard about the story of Bhagawan Ramakrishna advising to a kid on the need to eat less sweets!!
    thanks again for sharing these thoughts!!
    Moon is always associated with wonderful creativity!! Enjoy it!!

  5. Thanks, it has been so long since I read Siddartha, probably time to read it again.

  6. Sindy, the selection of paintings for everyone of your blog post is so well thought of and simply wonderful!!
    Thanks for making it so lovely!!

  7. ofmg sindy,
    this moon has reopened so many old pasts and realities i can hardly stand it. i understand how you feel. glad linda was able to give you guidance.
    hope you are weathering the internal storm (better than i am).
    even little odysseus seems hyper, anxious, overactive, fussy, and lonely. so we and one and the same.
    hugs- stay calm,
    o and om

  8. shreejacob says:

    Oh…wow…you know I’ve been trying to tame the goblin called “I want to be SPECIAL” aka “You’re not special / important / etc” by reassuring myself (and hopefully that goblin) that my blog and the posts that I post should come from a place of just enjoying what I do and even if just ONE post touches just ONE person that is all that matters..and it doesn’t matter if I come to know of it or not. Just the faith and trust that it will help someone is good enough…and here you are saying that not one but two posts have helped trigger something in you …so yay!! and THANK YOU for letting me know 🙂

    I also get what you mean. Sometimes when I read books or listen to someone, I’m like “Oh yea! I *know* this! I am *so* there!” Then after some weeks I realize “Oh dear…I’m not really there at all!”. But the thing I see in this post is that you are aware. You are becoming aware. You take this and that and remember something else and voila! the lightbulb goes on!

    More and more I am realizing (though at times I forget as well) that it is this awareness that is the crux of our evolution. It’s that and the choice of what to do with it that makes us evolve into our highest selves…that is the path to learning how to be centered…I think 🙂

    • Yes well even if I have had awareness or knowledge on a topic for a very long time, the true knowing isn’t always there. So when someone writes on it from their perspective, in a new way, it can trigger my perspective and knowing. Those two post were of huge help to me yesterday.

      Much love

      • shreejacob says:

        I don’t know Sindy..I kind of comfort myself by saying that knowing is one thing, realizing is another whole thing…so when I do become aware..I get excited! because to me it’s like transitioning from knowing to realizing! LOL!

  9. Well yes I suppose, for me true knowing would equate to your realizing. lol

  10. Lily Wight says:

    Thought it was about time I sent a little award love your way xx

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