Just Karma

afterlife_stump~Katherine Ace

Afterlife of a Stump

Painting by Katherine Ace


I just want to follow up on my last post so full of egoic pain. Bless that poor attachment. I have compassion for it. It has taken a lot of asking for assistance from my Inner Divine Self, and Beings of the Light Polarity, such as Archangels etc… to get to this point, and I may well backslide, but for now I have a new perspective. In no way did anyone betray me. I am not a victim; I just played one for several days. I have a lot of gratitude to all my friends who showed me so much love. I have lots of gratitude to my Inner Divine Self and the Archangels that assisted me. The person I love is a wonderful person that gave me so much beauty. We all have a right to make our own choices, and all of our choices have effects. I feel good with most of mine, and clear in this regard.

Now to the topic of karma; it is my belief that we are all wrapping up this long cycle of existence in this Earth duality system, or game, whatever you wish to call it. If in fact we are wrapping up karma after possibly millions of years, thousands of lifetimes (numbers in question,) then there is going to be some events, or relationships that are going to be very deep, and passionate but not enduring. I am getting what I asked for my karma to be completed. This one was a romantic relationship but this applies across the board.

Accept~ Allow~ Release~ Move~

In my shamanic session with our Word Press shamantracker, I can see that this was foretold, although not completely seen by me as such as it is, and probably because that egoic attachment did not want to see it. I as Sindy have never felt protected, as a child I was not protected, and I built many defenses and walls to protect her. This is not victimization but understanding my karma and myself. My love tore those walls down and made me feel safe, loved and protected. In my shamanic tracking session, we went into the future; I was shown that I had been leaning on my female side, my male side was weak and that I needed to being standing firmly on both legs, in balance. I need to feel safe and protected from within myself. Fortunately I know that there is a very positive outcome, however that is not the point of the post.

Accept~ Allow~ Release~ Move~

The point is that the many years of being on this spiritual path my Inner Divine Being and my incarnate self, known as Sindy, wants to deal with any karma with as much grace as possible, so that the being can ascend, reach Nirvana, or whatever you want to call it. In that I am in a new perception of what has transpired. It really for me isn’t about being happy, or being sad. What I aim for is be awake, aware, centered and in the moment. As Sindy the incarnate, I aspire to assist the people of the planet, to create, to inspire and to gracefully handle any karmic residue and heal, not creating any new karma if possible.I knew where this amazing relationship came from from the conception, I don’t know all the details but I understood the jest of it. It was magical~ In my session I was shown the eye of the eagle and I know that eagle and I are one. I mean to sore, to fly and be free. I mean to take those little attachment bumps on the chin and heal.

So my dear friends and reader’s thank you so much for your support, prayers and sending me love & light~ I am cool, I am in gratitude for everything that has transpired.

If I may request that you all send my dearest love, lots of love & light, as you have me. I really appreciate it.


Accept~ Allow~ Release~ Move~

Heads up my beloved Deepak Chopra is doing a 21 Day Relationship Meditation Challenge coming in August. I just love the timing on this. (Thanks to Linda for informing me.) Register via email or Facebook.

Many blessings friends & Namaste

.¸¸*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✫❀


Links to Messages that assisted me to:

Accept~ Allow~ Release~ Move~

Aluna Joy

Mistakes and Failures are Miracles and Stepping Stones to Success






12 thoughts on “Just Karma

  1. I love that. I hope you get better soon, Sindy!

  2. lisalday111711 says:

    I admire the place you can go when things get difficult emotionally. I hope I can reach that point one day in my own life. Keep steadfast on your path….its a wonderful place to be in

  3. Thank you Lisa. I spent many, many years in the study of transforming the ego and this is just an opportunity to put that work into practice. Still hurts but it is not my being that hurts but an aspect of the egoic attachment. Love is love and is unconditional because we are in fact one. All of us and everything~ I just have to take that intellectual knowing into feeling. Acceptance and allowance. If I can do it, you can do it trust me. Because its not a super power. 🙂
    Thanks for your kindness Lisa.

  4. what a heartfelt post with absolutely stunning picture to match. Really glad to hear that you are processing and gaining perspective on your ” reality” and you role in it. Ego and attachments is tricky business – often sticky as well! and it takes what it takes to get balanced and clear. I hope to see more of these illuminating posts from you going forward. well done my friend 🙂

  5. shreejacob says:

    I’m really glad that you are seeing things from a different perspective, and I’m also glad that this was an opportunity for you to learn more about your awesome self 🙂 Slipping back is fine…I think, because it’s the slipping back but that we are aware of it and are willing to do something about it 🙂
    When they say that we should meet our karma with grace, you gave us a good example..so thank you 🙂

    • Well change is the only constant, so I suppose if we wait any perspective will change, and change, and change yet again. lol Because it has changed yet again and I feel certain that it will thus change yet again. Okay I said like a whacked out broken recording.

      Karma under grace soothes the possibly harsh ramifications that can accompany being on the receiving end. According to shamantracker, (and I hope is true) I do not have a lot of unresolved karma. She said I might have some shadow residue but all in all pretty clear, now that if in fact true is very good news. 🙂

      Thank you for being my friend Shree, I sure do appreciate you~

  6. Lots of love and good energy sent!


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