Water, Water Everywhere

wishing_well_2~ Katherine Ace

Wishing Well 2 By Katherine Ace

My friend Barbara of, Me, My Magnificent Self, suggested I give the recipe of my fish tacos, so here you go. I am no food stylist like Johnny, of Feed the Piglet so I will stick with a painting by my muse Katherine Ace. Although my fish tacos are as colorful as they are flavorful. So in the spirit of last weeks water trine.

Music to cook by~

Sindy Sue’s Fish Taco’s

 I use tilapia, but use your fish of choice.

I saute in a skillet with Cajun seasoning and some fresh lemon

(Takes like 4 minutes)

I make some Guacamole (mine is simple)

1 or 2 avocados diced

some salt, lemon juice and salsa

mash together~ done lol

Then I get a couple of white corn tortillas lightly toast or warm them.

I chop the fish up and place it in the center.

Top with guacamole

Top with salsa

Top with some fresh chopped cilantro

Add a couple halved cherry tomatoes

Top with a little mixed baby greens


Easy, easy and yummy yummy~

(I can make them in like 20 minutes)

Somewhere a butterfly flaps its wings and Sindy makes fish tacos!

Especially good with my killer margaritas…..



20 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere

  1. Thank you so much Sindy… My mouth is already watering… I will buy some tilapia next time shopping as it is a nice sweeter fish… and will let you know the outcome…

    I don’t see why we can’t put whatever ‘gives us joy’ on our blogs…. it’s all part of our journey surely… I love good food and good wine… it’s so part of my ‘good life’ and sometimes write up a great restaurant on my travels i can really recommend or recipe that is out of this world…

    Take care, Barbara x and thanks for the mention of my blog, that was sweet…

    • Barbara they are really easy, I do hope you like them. I can put whatever I want on my blog, in fact I have like 7 blogs. This is my primary and main focus. I am just a continuity of appearance freak. lol
      Yes I know. lol

      My pleasure mentioning you, its a shout out to my homey. 😀

  2. Valentina says:

    Delicious! I will try it with fresh cod.

  3. Adrea says:

    sounds yummy!

  4. […] delicious meal was made according to my friend Sindy’s recipe and blog post… https://bluebutterfliesandme.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/water-water-everywhere/ ‘fish salsa tortillas’… except I added nectarines and fresh prawns I had lying […]

  5. Glorialana says:

    Mouthwatering! Just I am going to have a breakfast now. Thank you, Sindy, for my poetic mood I am making omelette with!

  6. Glorialana says:

    Mouthwatering poem. Thank you, Sindy, for my poetic mood I am making omelette with now. Kind wishes and smiles from my family.

  7. Dawn Gray Giani says:

    Sounds yummy! I love fish tacos. My favorite. 🙂

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