Quantum Choices

storm~Katherine Ace

Storm by Katherine Ace

“Universal forces are arranging circumstances and events on your behalf, for coordinated meetings, again and again and again. But you don’t show up because you don’t feel worthy. Your work is not to make it happen. Your work is to let it happen. And you let it happen by possibility thinking, not negative thinking, by hopeful thinking, not by doubtful thinking, by believing it will come, rather than doubting it will come, by talking yourself into feeling good, by not listening to the people who don’t have what they want, but by listening to the people who do have what they want.


Abraham~ via Ester Hicks

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As I recently wrote on choosing your feelings in The Pink Shirt, I have delved more into the teachings of Abraham, via Ester Hicks. Now I used to think all The Law of Attraction stuff was fluffy metaphysical fare for newbies. Yes, I was being spiritually arrogant. However choosing to pick that pink shirt isn’t always as easy as all that. So I looked for a method to assist and Abraham has helped a lot! I am better understanding the mechanics of the process.

There was one video segment that contained a very helpful concept, change the disk your running. Chose and manage your thoughts. I was so sad and depressed that I had to (for me) change the subject and think of something else. Find something to think about that elicited happiness. Your emotions are the barometer of your thoughts and your thoughts are creating your manifest reality.

None of these concepts are new to me, yet through my journey I get to peel that onion and get to comprehend things in a knowing way. This process of transforming is great. Again still a work in progress but I do really feel I am learning to be a quantum adjuster of my reality. I will keep you informed of my process.

Much love,


This is a good one but not the one I referenced…

Fast Expansion in Relationship


19 thoughts on “Quantum Choices

  1. shreejacob says:

    I’ve seen the Abraham books and CDs around but have not read or heard them. I’ve glad you have found something that resonates with you Sindy! and looking forwards to your update 🙂

    • Shree I am like a butterfly, going from flower to flower. Abraham is working for me in the Now. It is assisting me in determining what I want, and keeping my thinking in line with that. Lets watch it unfold. Deepak relationship challenge starts in days.

      • shreejacob says:

        And it is great to BE one…taking what you need, then tasting from some one else’s perspective…building our own..that’s one of the best parts of this journey! 🙂

  2. just what I needed to hear!



  3. alohaleya says:

    same for me! i’ve known about abraham for years but had dismissed her/them as total fluff – no, i was into much more advanced concepts than that!

    well, i was wrong. this has been my ‘summer of abraham’ and i am sooo grateful. namaste and xo, aleya

  4. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    What great advice! I love the quote you chose for today “your job is not to make it happen, but let it happen” words I needed to hear.

  5. Thank you for all the posts with Katherine Ace’s work! I love it.

  6. Sound advice. Sometimes, as you know from my blog Sue, I love exploring the negative for balance. But I always return to positive as it gives me joy.

  7. Glorialana says:

    “Let it be, let it be! ” This song is in my brain. Thank you!

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