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Katherine Ace

“It is what it is,” I often say this, as do many people around me, but really, it is what we have created. Things that occur in our lives do not happen haphazardly.

Are you an observer of your reality, or a creator of your reality?  Abraham Hicks

Abraham -Hicks

Beliefs, Emotions, Momentum and Spinning Discs



10 thoughts on “It Isn’t

  1. I am both an observer and a creator of my reality, vis a vis the chicken or egg scenario. I love that saying because it works in most situations 🙂

  2. My thoughts are also IAM the observer and the creator… it also brings up.. when I look at when I say ‘It is what it is’… is acceptance of the moment… as this brings in the element of clarity, trust and possible changes can then occur… instead of thinking of ways to resist and escape or becoming the victim of a situation or pain…

    What a good topic this is… thank you Sindy… (my spell check keeps wanting to change your name to windy….) we could go on more in depth… no…

  3. Barbara I agree that “It is what it is,” can also mean acceptance. I was thinking about it last night. However if reworded, “I accept and allow, that I created what is.” In the video I linked she went further into the line of thought. Of merely observing, we are allowing the observing and our emotional reactions to that to set the momentum.

    You can click on the misspelled word…Sindy… and add to the dictionary. It adds the word in question. lol

    Have a great Saturday

  4. Life is what we make of it. Namaste _/l\_

  5. it is easier to observe others than to observe yourself – even though you are within yourself, without someone elses mirror it is difficult to see what you are like – you certainly act but it is others who observe you, rarely yourself.

  6. shreejacob says:

    Very true Sindy 🙂 It’s hard though to remember…because ..I don’t know. I sometimes feel we are so busy trying to survive we completely forget that we really are not victims of this world…we make our world!

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