Favorite Things

venus-revealed-pt3~Katherine Ace

Venus Revealed Part 3

Katherine Ace


I was reminded on some of my favorite things~

Purple, Indigo & lavender hydrangeas

Birds playing in my back yard

Being bathed as a child by Mom


Chocolate ice cream

Sacred connected intimacy

Creating art

The Smurf Theme song

Riding a Bicycle

Chocolate Cake


and entertaining blogs:

It was a new Follower, Glorialana’s Blog, that reminded me of a very happy memory, my first Barbie. Her last two post just brought me such happy memories; Dior Doll Lesson & Saint Barbie.  I am so happy to have discovered this delightful blog, I believe she came to me from Professor Ik.

I also want to include some other blogs, I read and follow, many friends~

Lily Wight, Kira’s Closet, Arrow in Flight, Renard Moreau Presents,  Cupcakes and Angels, Not Just sassy on the Inside, Pisces, Endless Light and Love, RealityShifters Blog, The Ptero Card, Bloomlisa, Karen Kubiko, and so, so many others…..later

In the meanwhile I think I’ll dance~




13 thoughts on “Favorite Things

  1. hmmmm.. were you partially inspired by this? http://lindalitebeing.wordpress.com/2013/07/30/poetry-feelings-are-among-my-favorite-things/
    I really like this one of Katherine’s, really pretty!

  2. Glorialana says:

    Hello Sindy! I am happy really happy to meet you. Our meeting is under happy stars. Your sparkling personality as Milky Way navigates my own way. Thank you for Inspiration you give me and what else you have a happy memories about. I will write to please you :-).
    Happiness and Love to you.

  3. I remember my doll… cindy… and she had dark hair and wore such pretty clothes that I made… I loved to watch crackerjack at 5 to 5… watching the snow flakes land on the window… the butterfly coming out of its cocoon… sitting all my dolls and teddies in rows on my bed and teaching them how to read and add-up… thank you for triggering some happy thoughts from an otherwise confusing childhood…

  4. Thanks for the mention here, Sindy — I’m honored to be included in such a positive post on such a warm-hearted blog!

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