lovers~Katherine Ace


by Katherine Ace

I was nominated for two awards by the prestigious blogger Julianne of Through the Peacock’s Eyes.

The Versatile Blogger and Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. I was then nominated for the same two awards by a fellow nominee and friend Linda, of litebeing chronicles.

I am humbled by the award nominations, and so appreciative of their support of my blog, however I will accept this nomination in the true spirit in which it was given to me, but gracefully decline to adhere to the nomination process due to the time it takes to complete.

Please visit Julianne & Linda’s blog.

Both blogs and bloggers are real treasures.

I am honored to be in such great company.



9 thoughts on “Two

  1. Wow, I’ve never been called prestigious before. Thank you! And congratulations again! Namaste _/l\_

  2. Glorialana says:

    Congratulations, Sindy!
    Joy and love for today and always. Thank you for You! 🙂

  3. shreejacob says:

    Congratulations and well deserved 🙂 I already have Linda as a friend and follow her blog! Will take a peep at Julianne’s 🙂

    Keep up the great blogging Sindy! 😀

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