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I am going to share a little secret, and once I do, I guess it will no longer be a secret. I sometimes have communication with the departed, with plants, animals, and even rocks. This is not a constant but a sporadic gift. I have had some degree with communicating with my three friends that have past in the last three years. I find the window needs be near their time of death within a couple weeks to a month. Just last night I was sitting outside quietly thinking on Jill, and I saw her, and heard her, in my minds eye. She said, “Don’t worry Cinderella, I am so happy.” She was a bit taller and even more beautiful than she was incarnate, she was smiling and twirling around in her creme colored gossamer, flowing, Goddess gown. I asked her how she got out of the soul hospital so quickly, (I believe there is a place for healing your soul when you die, and its like a pink love cloud,) she said she was still receiving some outpatient healing, like a heavenly spa.” I am very happy that she has healed her soul so rapidly. I have not spoken to her again, but I think I shall attempt to. I know that she would be so happy to know how she is loved. I don’t think she knew that. Maybe some other time I will share more on the other communications.



35 thoughts on “Secret

  1. So interesting, Sindy. You have a great gift. And I keep staring at that painting- mesmerizing. Love the idea of soul hospital. Pity we cannot sometimes go there when we are alive.

  2. reikiheidi says:

    You have a very special gift that is worth cherishing.
    I like communicating with trees. It’s more of a feeling really… of peace and patience usually.
    I’m glad you saw your friend happy & well in Spirit.
    Blessings be x

    • It is comforting to communicate with her, as I know that once we have dropped the body, all the heaviness we perceive in body is simply washed away, and we are full of our original blueprint beauty and purity. We are beautiful, all of us, in our essence. Agree? πŸ˜€

      Trees are so magnificent and they aren’t big talkers. Have you ever seen the Redwoods?

  3. remarkable and intriguing your capacity, especially to communicate with rocks – lately i have come to believe that visitors come from the other side for less psychic people in their dreams – mant of my departed relatives are frequuently in my dreams where i say, hey you are alive, i thought you were…….indeed they are on another plane so they make you feel so.

    • Indrajit I believe that any of us can do it. It just comes from being open to it and trusting its possibility. Dreams are for sure a way that they can come and communicate but for me, I am not so conscious in my dreaming state so it is not as clear. For me anyway.

    • Only 1 rock actually. I was once visiting a paradise, a beautiful river in a magical woods, I picked up a rock from the stream, with the intent to take it, and the rock said, “Put me back!” So I did, I understood. lol

  4. shreejacob says:

    Thank you so much for sharing that πŸ™‚ It sounds lovely…even if it is a hospital…because it’s on a pink cloud! Pink the colour of the heart and love…:)
    I’m glad that your friend was able to talk to you as well πŸ™‚

    • I first heard of the concept of the soul hospital from a channel called Mathew, it really resonated with me. The very atmosphere is love, it isn’t a pink cloud but it is like a pink cloud, it cocoons your soul in pure Source love~ The beauty is that your friend, or whoever is cleansed of all the fears, sadness, insecurities and so on, so you are communicating with them as you knew them on a conscious level of their being.

  5. Ken Sheetz says:

    I just lost an aunt this weekend. This touched me deeply. Thanks,

  6. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] Quite lovely!

  7. I love this post and I am wiped out but felt moved to comment. I am pleased you revealed your secret. When one does so, we all benefit collectively. I would like to access this gift of yours. It is truly precious. I have met a woman who is an earth channel who regularly communicates with Gaia, what a wonder to behold. I just learned of this ability a few years back. There is always more to love about you Sindy. Perhaps this ability to converse with departed friends fuels your optimism?

    Love, Linda

  8. Sounds like an awesome gift my friend,
    I have “felt” scenes from touching old rocks. It is a cool experience.
    In my experience with visiting Heaven through past life regression, there is definitely a healing room. After you are greeted by your loved ones, then you walk into a healing room. Angels await you there. They lay their hands on your head and … it feels like super wonderful deep reiki love. I am not sure of how long this lasts. Sometimes I see that I then rest in a bed with specially colored (based on chakras that needed healing) blankets. After I am through, I enter into the rest of Heaven. It is a very cool experience.
    You know, your friends can visit you from the other side whenever you think of them. This is what my spirit guide showed me… and how they do it.
    We are loved more than we know.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Karen~ I call it a hospital, healing room…. I however do not feel I can contact people that have been gone longer. Jill knows that now, and it also tells me, we are SO loved.

      I am enjoying my angel cards.

  9. You are giving yourself the gift of peace and serenity… in this state we feel the connection to everything and everyone… You’d better prepare yourself though Sindy.. because for yOur next incarnation we are not going to die… to ascend… it’s all going to happen here in yOur physical body on this wonderful physical earth… Peace and serenity for you always my friend… Barbara x

  10. I think it depends Barbara. In this particular density of existence we are in a biological body. Now studying Biology last semester in school, I realized the level of genius the human body is. It is so perfect and intricate in its design, that had I not believed in a divine design, I would have. I do think had we operated them in a different way without all the toxins and egoic pollution, and so on, we could run these body machines for a lot longer. Some gurus ascend now as they consciously drop the body. I am sure we agree that we are infinite beings of light but I personally think the biological body was built to be replaced. Other bodies in different dimensions, or worlds, or timelines, may be made from different material and therefore immortal? I don’t know but I don’t think I would want to live in the same house for eternity. Change is good.

    Did I understand what you were saying, or did I misunderstand? πŸ˜€

  11. Glorialana says:

    Hello Sindy! Your gift is a fantastic advantage in understanding of our world. As for me sometimes I speak with you :-). You are my, mmm a kind of, confidant. Thank you. I am happy you are OK.
    Have a peaceful week!

    • It is an advantage but I do not believe that I am special in the gift. I believe that it is available to any and all that avail themselves to listen. I never shed a tear over her death, I saw it as a good thing. I know that I will meet her soon enough in my next incarnation. She was eager to get right back in the game and she was very excited about her new life.

  12. Earth Angel says:

    My communications are very similar ” through my souls eye” They speak to me intuitively and are very strong when the veil is first lifted when they pass..You have inspired me to write about my experiences and messages my girlfriend, sister-in law and many others who wanted to speak to me gave me. I can go there without meditation, as the veil is VERY THIN for me these days. ..the cross over is interesting as my girlfriend wanted to know if I was upset before she completely crossed over, and when I was ready I acknowledged her the question of upset let go of me..her spirit moved on…unfinished business has them contact me as well. yet this is a very loving space as well…Awesome that you can connect Sindy…it is a gift
    Maybe even a “math” gift as we lift the veil! Ha!

    • Oh I look forward to reading them. I recall when I wrote this, thinking people would think I am crazy. Now I write about all manner of experiences, and thoughts. lol πŸ˜€

      In group meditation last Thursday I had a discussion with AA Metatron regarding insight and inspiration with Algebra. The veil is thin indeed. A spiritual blogger friend of mine lives in Sedona, he just wrote about a dream experience he had with Robin Williams.

      I enjoy our new freedom of expansion.
      Let me know when you post about it.


  13. Earth Angel says:

    We came to this incarnation as volunteer “old souls” so we can connect the dimensions that others do not “see”, I have never had a hard time being “out of my body”. Now is the time to bring “other worlds” “vibrations” into this experience in my body…grounding not in ‘heaviness” , yet in lightness Heart to heart Robyn

  14. […] just a couple of times, most recently last year when my friend died, which you can read about here. But a celebrity appearance has been made and it was several years ago, and I worked with him for […]

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