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Nicoletta Ceccoli


~ Whoa, just whoa. I have had a rather stressful week with waiting on my textbooks to come with impending test coming due. So they came late Thursday, I studied most of Friday, worked on Saturday and expected to easily finish the third chapter of Biology for my first test. This is a half a semester class so twice the work, and a test every week. So the third chapter was on Chemistry and DNA and stuff better left to you smart right brain folks. lol My head hurts but I did it and I think I did okay?

Anyway that is not the topic I wish to share but a prequel to it. So last night I didn’t study, I got to talk with a good blogger friend, took a nice bath, watched a movie, played with my new Angel Tarot cards and relaxed. Someone shared a meditation video in a Abraham Facebook Group, and I said, sure, why not, so I laid down to do it, it was however 1 AM, so…I feel asleep. Now I have not slept well at all since my emotional distressing incident. I have been gnashing my teeth in the astral. However not last night, I had the most amazing clear, lucid, symbolic and magical dream.

But this dream was different, It was in segments, but had an overall theme. The entire dream was in Astral Malibu. The first segment was in a huge indoor pool, there were lots of people there and all in the pool with their clothing on. There was a giant television screen up on the north wall of the high ceilings structure, there were windows up high and light pouring in. Then all the people are just floating lifelessly in the pool, I too am in the pool and go underwater and look at all the people floating lifelessly, I think, “Are they dead or just asleep?” I realize they are asleep, like in the kingdom of Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and that I should wake them up. I decide to get out of the pool and jump back in making a giant splash awakening all the sleeping people, they did not know what had awoken them but they were a bit annoyed.  I had been watching a movie on the screen while they were sleeping and someone changed it, so I changed it back.

Next segment I am with a bunch a people, we are still at this beach estate/ art/spiritual center. It was ran by two men, a gay couple, the older guy was a mystic, an artist and a philosopher. It was raining and he wanted to take a group picture, as he was also a photographer. He said, “Come, I want to show you something.”  Some of us got into his jeep on the beach, it was night and the sky was filled with stars. I was in the back and it was open, I looked into the sky and noticed that there was a cut out the encompassed us in every direction, above, below to the east and the west, in the shape of a hot air balloon and we were we being lifted up, as if you were to cut out a picture in that shape. I was filled with delight and understanding.

There was a bit more but those are the valid parts. I have a really good knowledge of dream symbolism and understanding of. I will listen to the meditation again now before sleep. It was a very vivid, and magical dream and I have been on a lower astral, so so excited to have moved beyond that and back into a higher, or different more awake realm.



26 thoughts on “Higher Astral

  1. xbox2121 says:

    You have a unique ability to recall your dreams in very vivid details, not a lot of people are able to do that. I mediate about every other day but I don’t recall dreams well at all. I do realize that one has nothing to do with the other. Or i think they don’t 🙂

    • I don’t know for certain but I was taught that, to the degree we are conscious when we are physically awake is the degree of conscious we are when we are physically asleep. Now, I haven’t had dream recall in awhile, so this was special. I do sometimes and at different periods in my life more than others.

      I have also heard that if you want dream recall to say and set intention before sleep to have recall.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

  2. So you were aware you were dreaming during ” all the action” ! You are a great story teller and I pictured myself in the jeep with you. Very happy you had this experience. You must tell Laurali, hot air balloons are one of her special symbols!

    I wish there was a correlation between awareness in both states. I had many more lucid dreams earlier in life and doubt I was more aware then lol!

    peace and sparkles, Linda

    • Yes, I was dreaming. lol Who is Laurali?

      • I know you were dreaming, I wondered if you were awake the entire dream, lucid dreaming.

        Laurali is my new blogger buddy and she has visited your blog. You both won awards from me and she came to see your site.

      • Oh okay, maybe she will shed some light on it for me. Or offer her opinion. Its meaning was pretty clear. I wouldn’t really say that I was lucid because I did not realize that I was dreaming while in the dream.

      • Are you going to blog about the meanings? They are incredibly beautiful dreams Sindy! I asked if they were lucid , because that is a very specific type of dream. I went on February to a class just about Lucid dreaming. I have had about 2 lucid dreams since then.
        My dreaming is also cyclic in nature. My recall is quite regular, but mostly repetitive or boring dreams. I will have cycles of vivid illuminating ones, like those you described here.

  3. Yes I understand lucid dreaming and it happens very rarely with me. Hmm the meanings….???? I have a good idea what I believe they mean but I am still letting them ruminate and unfold. There was more that I didn’t share. I will tell you about them.

    I can tell you that I felt so much emotionally better after having them. We’ll talk. 😉

  4. lauralistar says:

    Hi Sindy,

    I’m glad you stopped to visit me 🙂 From a dream perspective, a hot air balloon means that things are looking up for you and that you’re good luck is on the way.

    From my intuitive perspective of the dream, it means even more than that. The people in your dream, the ones in the pool were sleep, and were even slightly annoyed when jumped back in. There’s a reason for that. You feel as though on some level your soul has been asleep for some time now. It might not even be that you feel that way, you may not have even been aware about it. The people in the pool were annoyed you jumped back in because they, you, want you to move out of that period of your life. Even the fact that you changed the channel back on the movie screen means you’re fighting yourself. Holding on to something that no longer serves you anymore.

    Part II: The cut-out sky in the shape of a hot air balloon symbolizes you are about to walk into the unknown and that it is the right path and direction for you. Wherever it is you are going is a positive direction and by being lifted up, you are being lifted out of whatever you have just been going through. You are moving in and out of something essentially.

    This is my take on your dream. I believe that very good things are about to happen in your life and whatever it is you are holding on to, you must let go of in order for the universe to take you to the next level. Only you can know exactly what it means 🙂

    I hope this helps! Much love, peace, and blessings to you Sindy 🙂


    Laurali Star

    • That’s a pretty cool interpretation Laurali. Not exactly how I had interpreted it, but you being objective have brought some clarity to it. Me changing the channel back for sure. lol

      • lauralistar says:

        Cool! I’m glad that it helped or at least made you think of it from a different direction. What’s your take on it? Curious minds want to know, lol


        Laurali Star

      • Well water/emotions. I have had some deep emotions. As I was awake while the others were asleep, and I knew to wake them up with an emotional splash/ people do not like being harshly awoken. However your take was not influenced by my ego, so I think its a considerable interpretation.

        The hot air balloon I though had to do with ascending worlds and or dimensions, but any interpretation of that one is positive, so…. 😀

      • lauralistar says:

        Interesting! 🙂 I like the emotional splash imagery. That’s a cool way to think of it and I wouldn’t have even thought of that myself. Very cool take on it. It’s interesting how different people interpret dreams.

        I find that sort of thing to be intriguing 🙂


        Laurali Star

      • I agree dreams are so intriguing. I should write them in a notebook by hand. I have discovered things unfold and are further revealed in that way.

        I Really appreciate your feedback on it. It is helpful.

      • lauralistar says:

        No problem! It’s good to get an outsiders opinion too. Who knows? I may need your help with that someday 🙂

      • It would be my pleasure~

  5. shreejacob says:

    Ooo..that was a really good dream story! I’ve only had two really vivid dreams which I can recall…one was very bad (I couldn’t sleep after that and stayed up the whole night), the other was an awesome dream which I had in the afternoon!
    I used to find that my afternoon nap dreams were more “weird” hehehe.
    I’m so glad that you are moving back after what you went through, though I feel you didn’t slip “back” at all but shifted from where you were before your experience to where you are now…if you know what I mean?

  6. Sometimes dreams seem to be a way to connect to magic in our lives when we forget how.


  7. I love reading dreams, they seem so magical.
    Water is spiritual and you “woke” up those asleep.
    (You will move on, I am sure. Cut those cords, offer forgiveness-not saying it is ok, but to release you.)
    Very cool dream my friend!
    I agree that you indeed must set the intent to remember a dream. For those who want to try- have a pen and paper sitting near you so, in your morning grogginess, you can immediately write it down. Otherwise, poof, it is gone.
    That meditation is very cool! I am going to listen to it again tonight.

  8. SpidrGoddess says:

    Thank you for posting. I look forward to trying this meditation myself!

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