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In a couple of days is September eleventh, which has always been a special day to me, as it is my beloved mother’s birthday. I will not go into Who, What or Why, perpetuated the atrocity that was perpetuated on the world on that day in New York, as a matter of fact, I never allow it into my consciousness at all. I do not watch news, or rehashes of all the sorrow. I believe in numerology albeit I am not a numerologist. Having said that I know 11, is a Master number and as many of us have observed 11’s make themselves known in observation, 11, 11:11, 1:11 and so on, as my  friend Linda at lindalitebeing posted not long ago. (Thank you for the award Linda!) Also see Linda’s post Musings~Hiding in Plain Sight.

Having said all that Let’s Reclaim The Power of the 11. Please consider not watching, listening or reading the rehashing of that event. It is essential that we focus on the world we want, and not the world we do not want! In my humble opinion, we are very powerful at manifestation, and especially collectively.

Time permitting, and I am really busy with school work, but I want to begin on the 11th a 11 day challenge, as another blogger and ascension pioneer suggested the 22nd was a pivotal date of growth and change into the new world. So from September 11 until September 22, 2013, the Fall/Spring Equinox,  The Clear, Release & Reclaim Challenge. Take one thing a day, either a physical, actual object that needs to go, or better yet a habit, or psychological bug and exorcise it, throw it out.

Let us together be positive, happy and whole. Let us together support one another as we clear away the old and make ourselves lighter and ready for the new. You with me?

Let’s reclaim the power and majesty of the Master number 11 & the Master number 22. We can do it!


I just had, a totally inspired idea! Since I am really too busy to make a post a day for 11 days straight, maybe y’all will help me? Like a potluck, and sign up to take a day. I will take September 11, and September 22, but anyone can take a day and write a post about clearing. What do you all think? Will you help out? It might be fun. As an incentive I will award all posting participants a mini 3 card Angel Tarot Reading, (which as I am busy will not be done in a timely manner.) lol




Nicoletta Ceccoli

48 thoughts on “Reclaim Eleven

  1. great idea Sindy! I will take September 12th. ( I want that reading, very cool 🙂 ) Please fix the link to my blog, it leads back to yours instead!
    I so love your posts, so inspiring and fun!!

    love , laugher, and lite from your Goof? friend Linda 🙂

  2. Simply love the idea.. a little busy too at the moment so I welcome this very much… I’d like to do 21st… How does it go, do I post it as normal on mine and you reblog or what? Take care, Barbara x

  3. Reblogged this on Sindy's Saturday Satsang and commented:

    I would love your participation.

  4. would you like me to reblog this on my blog even though you don’t like reblogs?

    • Yeah sure. lol I don’t hate them, they serve a purpose sometimes.

      I sure hope some of our other friends with contribute but I don’t want anyone to if they don’t want to. I just thought it was a fun collaborative concept that might broaden our circle.

  5. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:
    Please read Sindy’s idea to reclaim Eleven and join us by designating one post about clearing! Namaste

  6. Oooh, ooooh, I’ll take lucky number 13! 🙂

  7. yogaleigh says:

    I’m traveling so can barely keep up with blogging but had to mention 9/11 is my mother’s birthday too! If the days aren’t all taken when I get home on the weekend I can maybe do a day next week.

  8. Okay to review
    15-Leigh (saving you the day, let me know)

    So 2 open

  9. lisalday111711 says:

    I will take the 16th if that is alright. My number is 7 and 1+6 is 7 so it sounds about right. And you want me to post something on clearing? I can do that…

  10. Hello my blue butterfly friend,
    I will join you all in this healing task and will take the 14th and the 18th.
    Clearing is such an important task towards healing. I already have some posts in mind…

  11. shreejacob says:

    Oooo…now that *is* an awesome idea!!!!So glad to be a part of it now 😀 I’ll schedule a post for 19th of September…at 11:11 am my time? 😀 That would be fun..hehehe

  12. god bless 11;11! This is really shaping up! Sindy, the link is not roght, it links to the wrong post, not Hiding in Plain Sight. Please fix, thanks 🙂

  13. I meant the link is not right!

  14. Hey Sindy what a great post and lovely idea, and I’m impressed about the response you’ve got! Have been super busy, lot of catching up to do… Especially on your posts cause they always interesting + I have a feeling you had quiet a summer! Hope your school goin well, luv always xox

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  16. Soul Fields says:

    I´ve been coming back here to see if 17th is still available. So it seems. Can I take it?

    Great idea all in all. 🙂


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