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Lunacy, I mean this literally.

  1. 1.
    the state of being a lunatic; insanity (not in technical use).
    “it has been suggested that originality demands a degree of lunacy”
    I have said it before, and I will say it again, full moons make me nuts!
    Mercury going retrograde is not helping either. It is a good time for me to work on patience.
    Here’s my post from Dungeon Prompts.
    Send me good vibes today, I can use all the positive vibes I can get, going to work with the public today.

28 thoughts on “Lunacy

  1. practice patience, kindness, and groundedness! discard negative beliefs about eclipses, full moons, etc replace with living in the NOW!

  2. Trust your craziness… go out on a limb and trust… The sun and moon is beaming down on us all just now… making me very tired and quiet… I even had a dream about all my wordpress friends last night… I’ll will try and write about it soon,,, yes lunacy…with a smile… take care, Barbara

    • Hey Barbara, I decided to take control of the edginess, I listed in prayer aloud all the things I am grateful for including contrast. We really can take control of perceptions if we wish to. Today it worked anyway!

      and thank you for the reminder to be happy and smile!

  3. ptero9 says:

    It was a particularly Big full moon. I feel a little more balanced tonight though. I hope your day went well Sindy, and was glad to hear that I am not alone in feeling a bit crazy with moon energy the past day or two. 🙂

  4. Loads of good vibes!! Lunacy is what makes you take the risk. 🙂 Go for it. God be with you. Take care!

  5. Sending you some good vibes your way.. My son drives buses and I think he would agree with you when dealing with the general public! 😉

    The Moon Does Have its affects… And has long been connected to Luna-cy affects..
    Hope Sunday is a relaxing one…

  6. alohaleya says:

    ya i also felt the full moon/transition to merc retrograde particularly intense this time around! i’m sending you fluffy lovey feel good vibes this week, just because!! xo

  7. shreejacob says:

    Ooops…Am I too late to send the good vibes? 😦 Hope your day went well!!

  8. Hey Sindy, what really helps me ground these days is eating earthy seasonal foods, like pumpkin, mushrooms, chestnuts and potatoes. Have some really yummy recipes if ever 🙂
    Have a fun Happy Bday weekend! luv xox

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